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9/11 and Immigration: Why No Answers?

In a country where the atom bomb was created in record time over sixty years ago, FSM Contributing Editor Michael Cutler asks simple questions of our political class, such as, why is it that the same country today can’t seem even to build a border fence? What on earth is wrong with us?

 Questions for Politicians on 9/11 Anniversary (and Next Election Time too)

 By Michael Cutler

With bin Laden’s video tape issued as we approach the sixth anniversary of September 11, 2001, we can feel concern, properly, about America’s safety.  But do our political “leaders” feel this concern?  Here are a few questions I might ask them on this anniversary of the worst enemy attack, ever, on American soil.

 Why do our nation’s borders remain porous? 

Why is it that our government is poised to accede to the demands of the executives of the travel, hospitality and other industries that have insisted upon an expansion of the highly dangerous Visa Waiver Program when we know that this program makes it far easier for terrorists and criminals to gain access to our country?

Why is it that, even after spending more than a billion dollars over the last several years, US VISIT, the program that is supposed to track the entry and departure of alien nonimmigrant visitors, is still not tracking the departure of these visitors?

Why is it that there are roughly twice as many alien absconders in the United States today as there were on September 11, 2001 (slightly more than 300,000 such fugitive aliens back then and now there are more than 600,000 such fugitives today)?

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