Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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The time is now.

Many European Americans have resigned themselves to the fact that, if things don’t change, their children will become minorities within their lifetimes. Affirmative Action programs give anyone who isn’t of European ancestry special benefits when seeking jobs, education or scholarships, and both legal and illegal immigration increasingly squeeze wages and benefits when jobs are available at all. Global corporations think nothing about selling out the future of our people in order to buy labor at the cheapest rates while selling goods at the highest prices — without caring that such a scheme is not sustainable in the long run.

Meanwhile, forced multiculturalism and multiracialism threaten not only our cultural traditions, but even our genetic survival. While people of other ethnicities and races are encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness and value, any similar attempt on the part of European Americans is shouted down with a variety of epithets.

For the past fifty years, our politicians have ignored our interests and served every master with a fat wallet. The scope of our freedom has declined in every measurable way — laws trying to criminalize thought, laws restricting free speech, restrictions on the right of self-defense and wholesale destruction of the precious Bill of Rights under the guise of necessity. Our tax dollars flow overseas to enrich or prop up a variety of regimes while our own people remain hungry for opportunity.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Anything that can go wrong can be put right! European Americans United is devoted to informing our people about the issues facing them today and organizing effective issues-oriented activism that will create a brighter future for our children. Join with us and see how bright the future can be!



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