Scotland: Muslim Clergy Want School Access

Schoolchildren need to be educated about Islam says cleric

News article filed by BNP news team
A leading Islamic cleric has suggested that about Islam as a way of ending negative attitudes towards Muslims.

Ahmed Saad, who took over as leader of the mosque in London eight months ago to restore its tattered reputation, is seen as a moderate.

Speaking at Central Mosque yesterday as part of the city’s month long Islam Festival he said: “One of the big challenges Islam is facing is ignorance and people need to be educated.”

Saad’s comments come after the Muslim community in Scotland voiced fears over revenge incidents following the jeep attack at Glasgow airport which of failed suicide bomber Kafeel Ahmed.

He added: “It would help if we stopped talking about ‘’ because to me what happened at Glasgow airport was not about religion – it was a crime.”Quite what the response will be from the minority SNP administration to this extraordinary suggestion that “people need to be educated” is anyone’s guess.