RWB 2007 Triumph

Nationalist festival major success

News article filed by BNP news team
“A roaring success” – that’s the only phrase which can succinctly describe this year’s Red-White and Blue Family Festival. Despite attempts by some elements in the media and the far left to try and stop the family event taking place, the RWB continues to make strides forward in its success and professionalism.

The earlier apprehension of the BNP leadership team about the effects of the relocation, away from the Lancashire site to a new venue in rural Derbyshire, proved to be unfounded as a capacity attendance ensured that this was the biggest and best RWB ever.

The new site attracted BNP members and their guests from the Hebrides, Cornwall, Wales and Kent and all places in between, as well as overseas visitors from the US, Sweden, South Africa and Germany.

The venue was full to capacity- 2,500 had passed through the gates by 2pm on Saturday; this number stipulated and enforced by the licensing committee of the local council. Additional visitors could only be admitted as others left the site. Altogether just under 3,000 visitors were admitted to the site at some point over the two and a half day event.The attractions this year included a full size Ferris wheel, dodgems, bouncy castles and slides as well as a regional village of stalls offering local foods, beverages, displays and games. Eastern Region walked off with the award for the best regional stall; a popular attraction which featured a mock farmyard, a mock beach and a pool table and excellent selection of traditional local fayre.


Families welcomed a wide range of musical entertainment from classical piano performances, a Frank Sinatra tribute act, traditional Irish and English folk music, a bagpipe performance and the hugely popular and well received Texan country music star Traven Tucker who many visitors want back next year.

Tug-o-war, five-a-side football and the strong-man event were popular competitions and the Saturday evening saw the familiar spectacular firework display with rockets soaring 300ft into the sky before bursting in a frenzy of coloured light over the Derbyshire countryside.


After the strong breeze of Saturday, campers awoke to a cloudless sky on Sunday morning and over 200 packed into the sweltering marquee to worship, or just watch and listen to the now well established church service, with a sermon delivered by the Christian Council of Britain. Many of those attending said afterwards, that if all church services were as moving and instructive as that delivered by Rev. Robert West every church in the country would be packed. Even some agnostics who listened in remarked that the strong defence of family values and the commonsense application of charity beginning at home contained in the sermon were well received and were well and truly “at odds” to the diseased liberalism which infects so many mainstream Anglican services.

The weekend event concluded with a robust message from Party Chairman Nick Griffin who gave one of his best RWB speeches ever. His message was a reminder that time is running out for the native British people who are abused, ignored, neglected and held in contempt by the ruling liberal establishment. Native Britons are at the back of the queue for jobs, housing, welfare support and schooling but when it comes to taxation the native Brits are the ones who are fleeced first and foremost to pay for the pet projects of the liberal-leftists. No groups should be blamed for the problems facing Britain, other than those of our own kind who have lied and betrayed their extended families and kinfolk to pursue their own sordid political careers and who have sold out to the lure of wealth, power and influence. Time is running out for the beleaguered indigenous people of Britain but the BNP offers a last stand; a defiance against the tyranny of liberalism and multiculturalism; a final opportunity for the active generations of the early 21st century to make sure that our people continue to live, rule and forge their own destinies in these island homelands for all time to come.

As the event wound down tearful children were plucked away from their new found friends; parents exchanged contact numbers with new found acquaintances and isolated lone members in some of the new areas the Party is advancing found colleagues closer than they hitherto had considered. As the hundreds of cars and minibuses and the luxury “Crawley coach” wended their way through the lanes of Derbyshire to the M1 and beyond, thousands of mental images of a fun packed family weekend which both displayed and enshrined the best of British were being fondly sent to memory, and a determined commitment to work even harder in the coming twelve months to make further strides on the road to power.