Canada: Unfree Dominion

New chapter in Canada’s ongoing civil liberty abuses

by Baron Bodissey

We have often noted in this space that Canada is ahead of the United States (and even parts of Europe) with its “hate speech” laws. Eventually we will catch up with our northern neighbor — Democrats in Congress are working on that right now — but for the time being, Canada leads the way in the illiberal suppression of free speech.

The latest instance of this progressive trend concerns the A reader sent in a tip about this post (I couldn’t find a permalink; go to the main page and scroll down to look for it). It seems that the Powers That Be (Canadian Chapter) have discovered that Free Dominion has been posting doubleplus ungood thoughts, and must now be “investigated”:    Mark Fournier
   Free Dominion
   July 18, 2007

   Human Rights attack on Free Dominion

   We have been waiting for six and a half years and the day has finally arrived, somebody is going to try to silence Free Dominion using the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

   Moments ago we found this in Free Dominion’s mailbox:

   July 16, 2007
   File 2006057
   Ms. Connie Wilkins
   c/o Free Dominion
   2033 Unity Rd.
   Kingston, ON
   K0H 1M0

   Dear Ms. Wilkins:

   I am the investigator designated under Part III of the Canadian Human Rights Act to investigate the complaint of Ms. [name omitted at this time against Free Dominion. As the investigator, it is my responsibility to gather the evidence in relation to the complainant’s allegations and, once the investigation is complete, to report on my findings to the Members of the Commission.

   The report will include a recommendation for the disposition of the complaint. I can recommend that a conciliator be appointed, if the evidence supports the allegations in the complaint, or that the complaint be dismissed, if the allegations are not supported by the evidence. I can also recommend to the Commission that a settlement be approved if the parties reach an agreement during the course of the investigation.

   I am currently awaiting your full response to the allegations which is due on 18 July 2007.

– – – – – – – – – –

   I would like to draw your attention to section 48 of the Canadian Human Rights Act which allows the parties to settle a complaint in the course of investigation. I would be pleased to discuss the possibility of a settlement with you or your representative at any time.

   You can reach me at the address and telephone number indicated at the bottom of the first page of this letter. My direct line is 999-999-9999 and my email address is Please note that there are security and confidentiality risks in sending information by email.

   Yours Sincerely,

   Officer’s Name