Open Borders Leave US Vulnerable To Attack

Former INS agent speaks out

by Michael Cutler

For the past several days Michael Chertoff, the current Secretary of Homeland Security has been appearing on various news programs conceding his concerns that Al Qaeda operatives are either attempting to enter the United States or have already done so in preparation for a major attack against the United States. He claims this is only a “hunch.”

I think that Mr. Chertoff is hedging his bets, being able to say “I warned you” if we are, in fact, attacked. Once again the name of the game seems to be “protecting his backside” while our country is left vulnerable to the specter of a terrorist attack. The article just posted by CNN in conjunction with the Associated Press., notice the reference to the extremely dangerous Visa Waiver Program that just a couple of weeks ago, former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge said should be expanded to include an additional ten countries. Our nation’s borders have not been secured even after the attacks of September 11, 2001, nearly 6 years ago. What is very important to bear in mind is the fact that the issue of border should not be limited to the physical borders of the United States but should be considered by understanding that immigration is a system and that the borders are but one component of that system. As I have often noted, it is estimated that perhaps as much as 40% of the illegal aliens in the United States did not run our nation’s borders but rather entered the United States through ports of entry. Additionally, sleeper agents, that is to say, aliens who enter our nation with the goal of embedding themselves in our country in communities around our nation, hiding in plain sight, waiting for a message that informs them how, where and when they are to carry out a terrorist attack inside our nation, may well have secured lawful immigration status that would enable them to not only enter our country, but to move easily among us. They would be able to easily board airliners, enter secure government and corporate buildings and travel easily across our nation’s borders.

Such “legal” aliens would be able to secure employment that might facilitate their nefarious objectives without fear that immigration authorities might arrest them or otherwise interfere with them. This is why I was so adamantly opposed to the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill that was pushed so strenuously by Senators Kennedy, McCain, Reid and others including President Bush. That bill, would have undoubtedly resulted in terrorists securing official status and official identity documents in false identities.