‘Chicano Forum’ Issue 4th of July Threat to European Americans

While a grain of salt might be in order,  we at European Americans United  believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Now you know.

A thriving and successful European American lifestyle is quickly grinding down because most illegal aliens spread alien communities across America supported in large part by American tax dollars and the globalists in the federal government. Those so-called communities have grown to encompass entire cities, and now seek to be in command of entire states. Gaining influence by numbers alone, they now stipulate state secession from Oregon to Texas into what they call the “Nation of Aztlan”.

Declaring the so-called ‘Nation of Aztlan’ is treason and an open ‘Act of War’. It is an illegal invasion and hostile occupation of American land wherever they install their drug culture and gangland revolution. We must comprehend that their political and militaristic objective is the total destruction of the White American lifestyle; as luck would have it, the very people and culture that supports them now. When European Americans move away from them (White Flight), the foreign population quickly deteriorates into the social and economic badlands they fled from in Mexico. After destroying that American community, which is ongoing, they must continue expanding further into European American Society in order to endure, while leaving bankrupt communities in their aftermath.



I’m no sell out. When the whites came to our leadership and passed out American flags I was like Hell NO! I’m still all about not playing the white game to get gains. I’m just sayin we got to stand up, straight up and fight the struggle. These people are cowards? No? I’m not saying you are down with them or anything like that, but still we have to get in their face…I’m not all about this playing the whites game and stuff…” forum poster