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UKIP Hypocrisy On “Britain Day” Proposal

News article filed by BNP news team

It has been reported that UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party- editor) has “savaged” proposals for a “Britain Day” and – wait for it – “blamed the country’s supposed lack of national pride on… multiculturalism”! No – this is not a joke – these are the reported words of a senior UKIP official. Quite bizarre, in fact, considering that party’s oft repeated support for multiculturalism and controlled mass immigration!

This is the very same UKIP that has always maintained, at least in public, that the demographic changes that have led to native Britons becoming an ever diminishing minority in parts of Britain and will lead to the English becoming a minority in England within sixty years, being “a matter of indifference as they will all be British citizens”!

The same UKIP, indeed, that has frequently praised the contribution made to this country through immigration and which considers that multiculturalism has “strengthened” and “benefited” Britain. It is also the very same politically correct UKIP whose immigration “replacement” policy requires that for every native Briton who departs these isles for a new home in the Costas, Florida or further afield, that a migrant (preferably from a Commonwealth country) should be allowed to settle here! The latter then becomes, according to UKIP thinking, as “British as you or I” – by virtue of being granted citizenship! It is also the same UKIP which has recently signed up to the EU policy of “Subsidiarity” (otherwise known in Euro-realist circles as “Subservience”) whose acceptance recognises the supremacy of the EU over Britain – in exchange for a bigger chunk of EU funding and plush new offices in Euroland!

Has there been a major policy change in UKIP – or is it that its top brass is merely, once again, pretending to be what it clearly is not, in order to pull the wool over the eyes of the public and its basically patriotic rank and file membership?


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