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Political Cesspool: Recap Of My Second CNN Appearance

Successful second appearance catapults show to further prominence

By James Edwards

As most of our listeners already know, I was invited back to the Paula Zahn program for a second interview on Monday night.  I was once again a member of a panel, with the subject this time being the latest census figures, which indicate that 1 out of every 3 Americans now belong to a minority group.  Obviously, I consider it an honor and a privilege to be considered worthy of national television exposure and I wanted to take full advantage of such an opportunity to serve as a voice for the millions of European Americans who have little mainstream media representation.  

The points I wanted to convey to America were as follows:

1)  This country is becoming increasingly Balkanized and the founding stock of America are in for the fight of their lives to simply have a future in the very nation our forefathers carved from a wilderness.

2)  America has been a First World nation because we’ve always had a First World population.  This is rapidly changing due to the illegal alien invasion coupled with the explosive birthrates that minorities have.  Furthermore, these “immigrants” are not assimilating and are importing the Third World with them, rather than leaving it behind.  I don’t want to be forced to trade down.

3)  Not everyone in the world can live in America and the land of my forefathers is more than just a dumping ground.  The melting pot has gone from a boil to a dull simmer due to the fact that these non-Europeans are not embracing our traditions and heroes.  Diversity and multiculturalism are a weakness, not a strength.

4)  Everything that is taking place is occurring at the expense of White Americans and it is only natural and healthy that I would want to put the interests of my own family above that of other people.  That does not mean that I harbor ill-will or hatred for minorities, but I have a natural inclination to safeguard my own people first.  Besides, illegal immigration is detrimental to everyone.Those were sort of the talking points that I had in my head as I was leaving for the studio.  I tried to work most of them in as best I could, although when you have three panelists and a host and only four minutes of airtime divided amongst the group, it’s not necessarily the greatest forum for making a cohesive argument.  It was very fast paced and quick hitting.  

Paula Zahn, who has been very gracious and fair, allowed me to comment first.  Despite being interrupted by snorts and laughter from one of my counterparts, I thought what I had to say made a helluva lot of sense!  After my initial remarks, Roland Martin, who was also on with me during my previous CNN appearance, provided the kind of argument you’d expect from an intellectually bankrupt flunky of the civil rights era…he engaged in the personal attack.  I suppose Roland was surprised that there were still White men strong enough to stand up against the tide of Political Correctness, but he seemed rather irritated and the hatred he harbored for me seemed to seethe out of every word he uttered.

I’ll have to go back and read the transcript again, but I don’t remember him ever actually addressing the issue at hand as he was too busy telling me how stupid I was.  I guess that makes for good television though and I didn’t take offense because I personally got a kick out of his antics.  Not wanting to descend down into the gutters with Roland, I tried to maintain my poise as a Southern gentleman and did the best I could to smile, stay on topic, and speak to the American people.

Naturally, I am my hardest critic and you always second-guess your own performance, but after the short segment was over I left feeling satisfied.  I was excited to check my e-mails later that night and see that, once again, we were inundated with positive messages from across the country.  Most of the e-mails were obviously from Whites, but I also received praise from Blacks as well as (legal) Hispanics who stated that I had spoken for them too.  However, the most gratifying of all the e-mails were probably the following two…

“Mr. Edwards, I just wanted to thank you for your unflinching defense of White Americans earlier this evening.  Your positions were all uncompromising and unapologetic.  You didn’t speak in code and you pretty much defied every single tenet of political correctness and represented the silenced majority of this nation so very eloquently.  I’m grateful of your effort and proud to have had you represent us European-Americans.”

“You said things tonight that I’ve never heard spoken in public, and I was grateful to hear them.  I agree with what you said, and most if not all that was in the Mission statement.  I’m just glad to hear somebody speak the truth, which up until tonight seemed to be unspeakable.  And, I plan to keep listening.”

In closing, I’d just like to remind folks that everything we do here in The Political Cesspool is for the advancement of the Cause.  While I do consider it a personal accomplishment to have been selected to appear on TV, nothing I do is done for the purpose of self-gratification.  I realize that I am only 26 years old and still have a lot of learning to do.  I also acknowledge that I none of this would be possible without hard work and the support of those who stand beside me.  Thank you.  I also want to again thank CNN for having me back on.  They have been a pleasure to work with and have treated me with dignity and respect, regardless of their personal politics may be.  I can’t say a single bad thing about the producers of the Paula Zahn program, nor Paula Zahn herself.  I appreciate them.

We will have YouTube footage of Monday’s show up on our website at the earliest possible occasion.  In the meantime, here is the transcript of the show:

If you would like to contact the Paula Zahn program and thank them for giving our side the opportunity to convey our message, you may do so here:

On To Victory,

James Edwards
Host, The Political Cesspool Radio Program

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