The White 2000s

pictured: Steve Nash has been the MVP of the NBA the past two seasons

by Joe Kowalski

I recently had the misfortune of reading the perfect paean to the Caste System. “The Black ’90s” was written by a college student named Ashton Graham Cumberbatch (who is almost certainly white) in The College Hill Independent, a student newspaper affiliated with Brown University.
You can read the entire racist article

The gist of the piece (which reads more like a homoerotic love poem) can be summed up by the introduction:

“The 1990s was the decade in which my most fundamental impressions and beliefs about sports were born. The era of Nike, MJ, Tupac, Sportcenter and long shorts, I still think it was one of the most exciting times in sports history. The collision of black popular culture and sports was ubiquitous, Spike Lee was making seminal movies with black themes and starring in commercials with Michael Jordan. The sneaker industry slowly put the worldwide apparel market in a chokehold. Hip-hop’s dissemination was approaching critical mass, and black athletes were the undisputed superstars of football, basketball and boxing—the new giants of sports media and big-time advertising.”Cumberbatch goes on to tell us more about his early sexual fantasies:

“The brothas of the ‘90s rocked gold chains around their necks and dangly crosses from their ears; they had asymmetrical lines shaved into their low-fade haircuts. They hit huge home runs, just gazing at them from home plate, only taking the bases after they had sufficiently paid homage to the majesty that was their swing. They went to movie premiers with the likes of Halle Berry on their arm and did Nike commercials on the weekends. But most importantly, I admired their swagger, their refusal to adhere to the dominant, mostly whitewashed notions of how a Major Leaguer should walk, talk, wear their uniform and address the public, even when it meant being kind of an ass.”

Cumberbatch is the epitome of the brainwashed, rich white dork who grew up in the suburbs and never questioned anything he read in Sports Illustrated or saw on Oprah, MTV or ESPN.

I remember the 1990s quite differently from young Ashton. I recall a mostly white Duke squad winning back-to-back NCAA college basketball championships and being the most dominant team of the 1990s. I also recall John Stockton quietly setting assist records that may never be broken and Larry Bird ending one of the most storied basketball careers in NBA history (despite years of racist abuse by inferior black players like Dennis Rodman and Isaiah Thomas).

While the young Caste System geek drools over Dwight Gooden, it was Roger Clemens who was the most feared pitcher of the 90s and who may go down as the best pitcher ever. It was Mark McGwire who first did the impossible — break the single season home run record of Roger Maris. And who can forget Cal Ripken Jr. breaking baseball’s other hallowed record of playing in 2,632 straight games?

Let’s not forget that the ’90s saw the first uprising of European boxers. Cumberbatch never heard of champions like Sven Ottke, Henry Maske, Steve Collins, Joe Calzaghe or Darius Michalczewski because they were never featured on Sports Center or Sports Illustrated. But each fighter was a white man who dominated his division while being wisely avoided by the likes of Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins. The pathetic groupie must have also missed the 1996 Olympics where Wladimir Klitschko brought home the gold medal in the Super Heavyweight division.

The NFL stepped up its ethnic cleansing policy in the 1990s. But the Super Bowl routinely featured some of the league’s anti-white teams such as the Broncos, Packers, Giants, 49ers and Bills (who started a half white squad). The ’90s belonged to Brett Favre, who earned three straight MVP awards. Steve Young captured two and Joe Montana and Kurt Warner captured one a piece at opposite ends of the decade. And let’s not forget John Elway wining his two Super Bowls to close out a historic career.

The White 2000s

Contrary to the fawning of Cumberbatch, it was whites, not blacks, who dominated sports in the ’90s, though they were typically overlooked by the sports establishment. This dominance has increased to a point where we can legitimately call this decade “The White 2000s” (try getting this published on the Brown campus).

Consider the following achievements of the world’s greatest athletes:


The sport is still roughly two-thirds white. Almost all of the best college baseball players are white. Black Americans are a dwindling 9% of the league despite special training facilities and preferences designed to get them into the game. Yet white kids still outplay black kids without any special treatment from the establishment.


Steve Nash could win his third straight NBA MVP this year. Despite rampant discrimination, whites are still around 25 to 30 percent of the league. Black racists like John Thompson even complain about foreigners (whites) taking jobs from lesser black players. All-black U.S. teams rarely do better than third in international competitions. All-white squads from Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Spain, Argentina and Germany usually end up playing each other for the gold medal after they have disposed of the overhyped black American team.


Perhaps the most underreported sports story of our time is how Europeans rule boxing. Our people claim 13 of the 20 titles from middleweight to heavyweight. This number will no doubt rise in the future as most of the current black stars (Winky Wright, Bernard Hopkins) are older. All the heavyweight titles will likely be in white hands after the June 2 bout between Shannon Briggs and Sultan Ibragimov. Not only are most of the best young fighters white, but most of the best young American fighters are white. Kelly Pavlik, Jason Litzau and Paul Malignaggi look set to become champions in the next year or two.


Any reader of Caste Football knows that football — the most popular American sport — is also the most racist American sport (followed closely by basketball). But even with this discrimination, the best offensive and defensive players in the game are white — Peyton Manning and Brian Urlacher. The (relatively) whitest teams in the league, such as the Patriots and Colts, usually end up in the Super Bowl while the most racist teams (Cardinals, Vikings, Dolphins) end up staying home. The 2007 NFL Draft was a little fairer than last year’s and we may yet see a day when non-blacks are allowed to play running back and cornerback and compete on equal terms at all the other positions that have become absurdly over-represented by blacks.


One of the worst moments of 2006 for people like Cumberbatch was when an all-white Italian team defeated a mostly black French team to win the World Cup. Let’s not forget the other final four teams were all-white Germany and nearly all-white Portugal. Soccer is the world’s game and there is no denying that Brazil (mostly mixed race but with some good white players as well) is one of the top teams. But other than the Brazilians the world looks to Europe (and the all-white Argentina squad) for the best soccer players.

This is just a short list of why we dominate sports. We should at least mention how Roger Federer dominates men’s tennis. Anika Sorenstrom dominated women’s golf in recent years to a greater degree than Tiger Woods dominates men’s golf. But guess who gets the headlines and the sponsorships. Lance Armstrong’s comeback from cancer to win the Tour de France multiple times is one of the most inspiring sports stories ever. And millions of young people from around the world know that UFC stars like Chuck Liddell and Pride’s Fedor Emelianenko are the “baddest men on the planet” (but still manage to stay out of jail and act civilized).

Perhaps I am being too hard on Cumberbatch. After all, he is a young, Ivy League geek who is only repeating what he is told by the media and his teachers. But let’s not forget that his kind form the establishment that sets the agenda for the nation and even the world. A degree from Brown and a burning desire to kiss black ass will get him far in life. Unfortunately, we will be seeing and hearing more of his racist garbage.

But it is comforting to know that — media propaganda aside — we are living in the White 2000s. Our people are the greatest athletes in the world.