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Stop Immigration Of HIV-AIDS Carriers Into Australia

“Common-sense demands that we stop the importation of HIV-AIDS carriers.”

Prime Minister John Howard has said that people who have HIV-AIDS should not be allowed to migrate to Australia. For making such a common-sense statement, Howard has been attacked, with some referring to his remarks as “racism”.[1 The question is, will Liberal-Labor actually change the rules and ban HIV-AIDS carriers from migrating to Australia?

This story is reminiscent of Pauline Hanson’s comments on stopping immigration of people with diseases (such as AIDS) being imported from Africa. Hanson, of course, was immediately attacked by the Australia-haters in the media. Yet, within two months, a black African man, infected with HIV, was charged with infecting an Australian woman.[2

Most Australians would no doubt see the logic in stopping people with infectious diseases from migrating here. After all, why would we deliberately increase the number of people in Australia with AIDS or TB? It just doesn’t make sense. Increasing the number of people with AIDS increases the risk of infection, especially from populations with a proportionately higher rate of people with a combination of low intelligence and high testosterone. At present, African immigrants aged under 15 are not required to have an AIDS test, despite AIDS being widespread in many African countries.[3 Whilst permanent visa requirements for people aged 15 and over require a HIV-AIDS test, it should be remembered that many people arrive here under other visa categories and then go on to change their status to permanent. HIV-AIDS tests should be carried out on all people migrating here from the AIDS danger zones in Africa. Better yet, if we want the Australian People to survive and our way of life to continue, immigration of Third Worlders into Australia should be stopped immediately.

Common-sense demands that we stop the importation of HIV-AIDS carriers. We must protect Australia, protect ourselves, and protect Aussie children.

Australia First – The policy is in the name

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April 2007


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