Utah: No Booze for Illegals

Undocumented immigrants may be denied restaurant booze

By Dawn House
The Salt Lake Tribune

Despite controversy, illegal immigrants filing taxes more than ever An estimated 37,300 undocumented immigrants have Utah driving privilege cards – but they cannot buy a bottle of wine.
And it seems they might also be refused a drink at the state’s restaurants.
Currently, the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will not accept driving privilege cards at its 38 state-run liquor stores or nearly 100 package agencies located at resorts and small towns.
And the state has left it up to restaurants, private clubs and taverns to decide whether to accept driving privilege cards – with the warning that if servers inadvertently sell to a minor, owners face fines up to $3,000 and closure of all liquor sales for a few days or weeks.Bottom line, says Lou Bertram, who teaches liquor-control classes, is that private establishments may refuse service to anyone if there’s any question about a customer’s age…
Utah’s driving privilege cards are usually issued to undocumented residents, who have no Social Security card – but can provide an Individual Tax Identification Number.