California: New Measures Take Aim at Illegal Alien Gangs

New rules may make deportation easier

Faced with a growing illegal immigrant gang crisis, local law enforcement officials have broken a long-standing taboo to partner with the federal government to identify and deport gang members in Southern California.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley and LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo have announced at a joint press conference that LA County Sheriffs deputies and Los Angeles Police Department officers will work with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to check the immigration status of suspects charged with gang-related crimes, something that was previously nearly unheard of. Suspects who are found to be illegal aliens will then be handed over to the federal government for deportation proceedings, regardless of the disposition of the original charges. Delgadillo has tasked three prosecutors to the U.S. attorney’s office to help with the new project.

Attempts to force local city police agencies in Southern California to make immigration status checks in the recent past have been met with militant protest from pro-illegal alien groups, while various city officials have cited fear of lawsuits. However, growing resentment about the human and financial cost of the massive influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico has brought pressure to bear on politicians at all levels, forcing a number of measures that would have been unheard of only recently. Both Cooley and Delgadillo hold elected office.The US Southwest has an enormous illegal alien crime problem, fuelled by drug and human smuggling networks with close links to organized crime cartels based in Mexico. In some areas the crisis has approached the level of low-intensity warfare, with brazen gang soldiers shooting at US law enforcement officers, often escaping into Mexico. Members of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang have even reportedly been “contracted” to assassinate US law enforcement members as well as activists with the patriotic grassroots Minutemen.

Within Southern California itself, Mestizo gangs threaten the already fragile racial situation as the new immigrants compete with blacks for scarce resources. Once-black enclaves have been swamped, driving formerly-feared black “gang-banger” sets into alliances with each other to thwart powerful Mestizo street armies. A recent federal civil rights case targeted one Meztizo gang which preyed on blacks as part of initiations, and Mestizo/black violence has forced jail officials to racially segregate convicts across the Southland.

The pro-immigration White House has proven to be unsupportive of attempts to control the alien crime  problem, with Western states and local governments being forced to pay the huge cost of enforcement and incarceration. According to the Los Angeles Times, over 20 percent of LA County Jail inmates are illegal aliens. Along with the price of actual crime, the invasion has devastated Southern California, driving down wage scales, ruining school and hospital systems, scarring the landscape with Third World conditions and ethnically cleansing European-Americans unable to cope.