A New Era: European Americans United

by Frank Roman

audio version

The meeting of two eternities, the past and the future, is precisely the present moment. — Henry David Thoreau

White people in America and around the world are living in an era of great crisis and also of great hope. Our people face unrelenting danger from massive Third World immigration, globalization, increased government interference, onerous taxes and outsourcing, just to name a few. It wasn’t so long ago that standing up for the integrity of one’s own race, as we do, was the norm. European Americans didn’t even have to think about it. They just knew. Up until a few decades ago, nearly all Americans took it for granted that the United States was, by destiny and nature, a White country. Nowadays, thanks to our alien-hijacked media, standing up for White community and integrity is portrayed as “bigoted” and “hateful.”

Blacks and Mexicans, on the other hand, are encouraged and praised when they form ethnically exclusive pressure groups and work for their racial interests. As I’ve mentioned on this program before, sometimes they are even given tax money to do so.

Now I know many Americans have pretty much written off America as lost in these increasingly turbulent times. Indeed who can blame them? But if we listen closely we can hear encouraging signals of hope beneath the surface. Judging from the extremely high number of European Americans hostile to political and social corruption, I still believe, or at least hope, that America can be preserved for our progeny. But this hope hinges on not only the complete awakening of our European American kinsmen but the utter transformation of our perception of who we are as a race. National Identity as practiced by White Americans is something that’s regarded as almost criminal in these hypocritical times. The people who control public perception in the media and the politicians who work behind the scenes for the sake of ‘world community’ [a misnomer for what should really be regarded as the creation of a World State] do not want European American to regain their identity or to understand how our origins can provide our true destiny. Certainly EAU acknowledges there are economic and social matters that must also be addressed. But this being so our fellow White Americans must first undergo a spiritual awakening that will create the necessary groundwork to challenge our impending marginalization at an outer level.

Certainly the clearest external danger to our people in the United States today is the rise of Third World immigration. European Americans United will not waste your time trying to delineate so-called legal immigration from illegal immigration, since Third World immigration in either form is fundamentally alien and detrimental to the White West’s cultural foundation. Political correctness, which breeds an almost psychotic form of altruism, has emotionally and spiritually crippled our people and left us defenseless against this mestizo threat. While mestizos utilize group cohesion to destroy us our alleged leaders, whose fear of their portrayal in the media and who need votes to remain in office, continue to genuflect before their racial enemies. They have allowed an alien into our home, which sits upon the very soil our ancestors defended with their blood. The traitors to our nation and our race have abandoned us, except to manage our lives within a globalist framework, even going so far as to allow millions of legal and illegal Third World aliens to mingle and mix with their own kind, further eroding Caucasian man’s dwindling numbers. The simple fact is that far more people want to settle in the West than we can possibly let in. The only culture we should be interested in maintaining is our own, simply because it has proved manifestly superior to any other. Why else would so many aliens practically kill themselves coming to America to take advantage of her? Never forget: the vast majority of Mexican (and Muslim immigrants to Europe) will never admit there are flaws in their own culture that create the problems they are trying to move away from, which means the same problems will follow them and be recreated in the countries to which they move. Nearly fifty years of immigration policies based on the entirely false concept of ‘equality’ is causing our kinsmen on the left as well as the right to reconsider what they have done to themselves. In 1787, in the second of The Federalist Papers, John Jay gave thanks that “Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country (America) to one united people, a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs . . . .” This is not a celebration of “diversity” or of the legendary melting pot. Clearly the United States was meant to be an extension of Europe and not a satellite of the Third World.

Having abandoned their Western identity our leaders, in tandem with anti-American “civil rights” groups like the ACLU and the ADL, have forced the rest of us to do the same by passing draconian ‘anti-hate laws;’ threatening our people with social and legal punishment lest anyone speak (or act) too loudly against the mestizo onslaught. But even if we avoid the subject of race entirely and point out that mestizos have remitted over 23 billion dollars to Mexico in 2006, are still demanding out of state tuition rates, Earned Income Tax Credits, while closing down hospitals straining under their indigent care; our enemies inevitably cry ‘racist,’ a term of abuse only used by aliens and miscreants to frighten European Americans.

Rest assured however, NO Third World invader would have ever gained the foothold they have now were it not for the greedy pandering of the Republicans who need cheap labor; the Democrats who need votes, the churches who need parishoners, and the unions that need members. Is it any wonder these groups embrace the “diversity is our strength” paradigm offered by vindictive open border advocates and enforced by the bottomless wrath of the US government? Yet even as the government continues to tighten its grip on an increasingly restive population, the globalists are beginning to see their own folly. As the motives and goals of their “guests” comes into view, which is to forcibly bring America to its knees and decapitate it, we can detect a growing unease among the very supporters of this madness; that perhaps all of this talk about the joys of diversity is ringing with less sincerity. Therefore we will continue to raise issues many would rather not think about because it rattles their sense of security while enraging our enemies. We at EAU understand that issues like the proper roles of sexes, individual responsibility, a strong sense of racial identity in White Americans, while acknowledging human inequality, is a pariah for them. On an intuitive level I personally believe the equality disciples know that a species will die if it does not preserve its own exclusive territory, a fact demonstrated over and over again in evolution and nature. Though they will never admit it, they understand human society is no different, that race is a fundamental reality and our nation was never meant to practice indiscriminate inclusiveness, which is a perversion of what our Founding Fathers believed. Our people who are otherwise good people have become disillusioned and myopic. They have lost sight of something greater than their individual selves and instead they have turned toward endless distraction and have been lured by a false sense of patriotism; having been made to believe that maintaining an economic or political system is a form of true nationalism. Ladies and gentlemen, you can be sure European Americans United will never let this stand.

On the final issue of race, there is a gap between who we are and the plot of our current two-party sham which can never be bridged unless we belong to and fight for the whole of our people by learning from the past to preserve the future. We MUST inform the intelligent and productive among our people that despite the scientific, historical evidence of race, prevailing forces are at work to downplay and even deny its existence in the hopes of blending the world into a huge, dark, ugly throng of debased humanity. Indeed we must help our fellow Whites understand that things like the impeachment George W. Bush, or voting, or supporting the Republican or Democratic Parties is a waste of time and will not benefit us, but will ultimately lead us all down the road to destruction. The point here is that creativity and individual initiative flourish in an environment with strong principles and clear objectives — without micromanagement. Whites have always spearheaded saving the environment and looking after animals. White people have always been at the forefront of exploration and scientific discoveries. Unfortunately, European Americans are also willing to forsake their very own people; pooling their resources to assist even the most backward, violent non-whites in the world. How else can you explain this kind of destructive behavior other than by a concerted, mind altering effort comprised of guilt inducing propaganda, twisted history, and a skewed morality devoid of self preservation? Certainly EAU does not relish the misfortunes of others, but we should not overly extend ourselves for them at our own expense.

Until now, many supposed White advocacy groups have had the luxury of fetishism—cult-like organizations with an unhealthy focus on irrelevant issues, and a myopic view of not only the world but of themselves. These groups have never made a positive impact on behalf of White Americans, largely because they were not resolutely focused on bringing about change or attracting the best and brightest; rather, they remain huddled in the wings content with self-absorption. Instead of genuinely helping our people, they continue to frighten them with hopelessly demonized imagery, implied violence, and offending them with irreverent speech. These so-called “pro White” groups have given an unlimited amount of ammunition to our enemies who systematically ridicule White solidarity in the mass media, in the halls of government, and in academia. In the eyes of the very people whose interests they have purported to represent, they have caused immense damage to the image and standing of responsible European Americans who know something is wrong and want to act. While EAU cannot wholly condemn the actions of every individual who may be a member of these groups, it has become quite clear that these organizations are incapable of actually bringing about the changes that are needed for the White race to survive in an increasingly hostile world. No, its not our intention to disparage or insult anyone. But a rational observation clearly indicates an immense void between identifying the problems facing our people and finding the right approach to deal with them.

The influx of lucid resourceful people calls for a new organization, one that also has the advantage of new technology, new approaches, new ideas. We have to utilize technology with boldness and determination for no other reason than to raise up our own kind inasmuch as non-white pressure groups, who are are encouraged and even funded by major corporations and the federal government to do so. After all, the greatest strengths White people have lie in creativity and individual initiative. Unlike past efforts, European Americans United has laid the groundwork and has the resources to take full advantage of these traits in our people.

As I said at the beginning of this broadcast, we are also living in a period of great hope and potential. Until very recently, many White people could simply resort to White flight to escape the steady “Third Worlding” of their once homogenus neighborhoods and cities. Now the political and social crisis is so apparent that millions of European Americans are becoming radicalized. They are willing to take matters into their own hands, regardless of their orientation. The Minutemen are defying the odds by patrolling the border along Mexico, in spite of the extreme dangers they are facing from not only human smugglers and drug dealers, but their very own federal government who has labeled them “vigilantes’ along with other anti illegal immigration factions having sprung up to pressure their alleged representatives to close the border. Journalists and pundits from both sides of the political spectrum are falling in line, albeit reluctantly with these groups; becoming more and more vociferous as Washington continues to ignore our pleas. Noticeably, the antiwar scene is becoming more strident as the blood bath in Iraq continues to escalate, predicated mostly on the revelation that our people are dying in a senseless war for numerous government lies. Even some universities, bastions of liberal Marxism, are seeing the formation of so-called “conservative” student unions though they still have a long way to go.

A global epiphany is well under way as more and more people realize there are clear parallels between the behavior of Mexican immigrants in the United States and of Muslims in Europe than many observers are willing to admit. First, you have the antagonism towards and disrespect for the very country these immigrants want to live in, and our people are beginning to forcefully address it. Even the mainstream media is reporting about Mexicans who openly brag about how little they care about US laws just as the Muslims in Europe are doing. As they themselves boast, the mestizos will soon constitute a majority in the American Southwest and will simply change the laws to suit them, so why should they care what the laws say now? As far as they’re concerned these laws are only temporary, anyway, which makes the Mexican view of immigration as a means of territorial conquest similar to what Muslims are doing in Europe. The only difference between what the Muslims are doing in Europe and what the Mexicans are doing in America is the absence of terrorism in the United States. And in spite of all this, the evidence that our people are finally shaking off their stupor, are finally thinking in terms of organization and resistance is becoming more and more evident. But they still need to consciously understand that multiculturalism, ie; less White people, is incompatible with social cohesion which threatens racial and national survival. European Americans United has every intention of promoting this reality in spite of the politically correct din that temporarily guides our people.

Secondly, as further evidence for a day of hope: throughout Europe there is a rising tide of anger, manifesting itself in tighter rules to obtain residency and the expulsion of anyone deemed an illegal immigrant. Muslims are bearing the brunt of this development and rightly so, since they are the population most responsible for the ongoing transformation of Europe into a violent Middle-Eastern pest hole. In its parliamentary elections the European Union had no choice but to admit a growing number of populist / nationalist deputies from places like Switzerland, Poland, Austria, and Germany. In 2007 Bulgaria and Romania have become members of the European Union, bringing in their own brand of nationalism to join the ever-swelling ranks of our awakened kinsmen. And in England the British National Party recently qualified for public funding to run its nationalist candidates, causing warranted alarm to our globalist enemies. It is therefore becoming more apparent that the first duty of our people is to secure the country against invasion and /or foreign domination. Only the most mendacious fool cannot see the government’s complicity in surrendering the territory and government of our homeland to alien invaders amounts to treason as that term has always been understood. European Americans United will address these issues in terms of race and nation and we will bring pressure to bear where its needed: locally at first, regionally second and internationally at length. Yes, these are times of great hope in the United States and we must take full advantage of it. Positive, life affirming changes are possible: while America is different from Europe, which is the cradle of our very existence as a race, an approach that mixes basic pro-White principles with new methods of organizing and a positive, proactive outlook tailored to American needs is now in place. These changes call for an organization that identifies and participates in the every day issues important to White people, who as a group have the collective social power needed for making change. Our new organization is European Americans United: concerned with real issues, real people and real alternatives to a system that threatens not only who we are but whether or not people who bear our genetic race-soul will survive for generations to come. We welcome you to new era.

Indeed, the lives of future generations of White children depend on what you do today. If current social and political trends continue our people will not survive more than a few generations of globalism and anti-White government policies. Even though European derived people are still a majority of the American population, and a decisive majority of inventors, productive workers, creative thinkers, and decision-makers the forces arrayed against us are vast. However, once a critical mass of White men and women commit themselves to our goals – and just a few percent of the dedicated, capable portion of the European American population is all it will take – we can make the necessary changes to our society and our future in a very short period of time.

The men and women of European Americans United are in place and ready to make those changes. But we need your help. There’s no point in looking back at other well intentioned but failed attempts to assure the continued the longevity of our people. This a new day, a new era, and there’s no time like now to begin anew. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.