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The 2012 Election: What It Means For Whites

Jared Taylor spells it out.


What The Obama Victory Represents
If there is anything worse than unfairness, it is ‘make believe’ fairness.

recent article on the far left / progressive Addicting Info website
listed five reasons why re-electing president Obama was a good thing.
The first entry dealt with a rejection of trickle down economics.

Secondly it extolled the unearthly brilliance of
Obama voters and liberals in general, and third, their progressive
interpretation of 'fake' patriotism versus 'real' patriotism.

The fifth
line item declared that they still have a long row to hoe in terms of
nailing the final Red nail into the American coffin, economically
culturally and spiritually.

A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans
I’m going tell you what the solution is.

by Gregory Hood

Do you get it yet?

I know you probably despise us. You’ve been told your entire life – by
your schools, your churches, and your heroes of sport, screen, and stage
– that there is no greater sin than racism. You wanted to be a good
person. Heck, you are a good person.

So you treated everyone with respect, no matter where they came from.
You figured everyone should have an opportunity. You believed in playing
by the rules. You believed in freedom. You believed in America. You
thought that what makes this country great is that everyone, from
whatever background, can make it together. You may have even voted for
Obama that first time, despite some policy disagreements, because you
really wanted to believe that race is irrelevant, that skin tone doesn’t
matter, that the only colors we need are Red, White, and Blue.

a conservative, maybe even a libertarian. But you don’t want to make
“arbitrary” distinctions between people. After all, we’re all children
of our Creator. So you gave Obama a chance.

Why Hispanics Don’t Vote for Republicans
Faux conservatives will most likely capitulate to the ongoing invasion against white Americans

a classic act of neoconservative surrender which validates the leftist
view that today's conservatives have no reasonable or grounded basis for
their positions, who run on emotion, "racism" or fear; especially on
transient political motives—fake positions out of which they eventually,
though unsurprisingly, will “evolve.” Neoconservatives have always been
intellectually limited people, and have now utterly discredited
themselves with these announcements. More below. --Ed.

The Hidden Fault
Election 2012 is about demographics and direction

In the modern
age, we dwell in two worlds. There is the sayable, that we can publicly
say, and there is the unsayable, which we all know is true but is not
accepted by society at large.

Writers hide the unsayable for
several reasons. First, people are not ready for it. Knowledge is
esoteric and can only be assimilated when the learner is ready for it.
Second, there is no point adopting what people fear in order to educate
them. Finally, to speak of these topics would bestow too much power on
the electorate.

The Case of the Missing White Voters
What's going on?

But most importantly, the 2012 elections actually weren’t about a
demographic explosion with non-white voters. Instead, they were about a
large group of white voters not showing up.

As of this writing, Barack Obama has received a bit more than 60
million votes. Mitt Romney has received 57 million votes. Although the
gap between Republicans and Democrats has closed considerably since
2008, Romney is still running about 2.5 million votes behind John
McCain; the gap has closed simply because Obama is running about 9
million votes behind his 2008 totals.

Gun Stocks Soar Due to Obama Reelection
Tyranny incites survival instinct.

Even though the Dow Jones
intraday dropped by 2.23 percent on Wednesday, the largest this year and
most likely in response to the Obama reelection, stocks for firearms
manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Ruger saw a drastic increase in
their stock prices. Smith & Wesson shot up by over 10 percent before
leveling off at 7.4 percent, and Ruger increased by three percent.

increase in firearms stock prices is obviously a result of the Obama
reelection. A fear that Obama will institute drastic gun control during a
lame-duck session or his second term has prompted an increase in gun
purchases throughout the United States.

Happy About The Election Results?
by Russell D. Longcore <br /> <br />I am happy…but not for any reason you may think. Happiness depends upon your perspective and ultimate goals. Cause and effect issues here. If an unexpected event causes other events to happen that move you toward your ultimate goals, it’s good. More later. <br /> <br />Mr. Obama will be with us for another four years. Deal with it. <br /> <br />The Republican Party allowed Willard “Mitt” Romney to buy his way onto the Presidential ticket. And that is as it should be. As 20th Century humorist Will Rogers said: <br /> <br />“We have the best politicians money can buy.” <br />“The short memory of voters is what keeps our politicians in office.” <br />“Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.” <br /> <br />CONGRESS has made the rules whereby campaigns are run nowadays. Therefore, when smart guys figure out how to game the system, they should do it. Mitt is a smart guy. <br /> <br />No one in America has fronted the ridiculous notion that Mitt was the best man that the Republicans could find to be the presidential candidate. He just outspent and outlasted the others. And his campaign staff, in league with the Republican National Committee, blackballed Ron Paul.

Why Obama Won Re-election

The left isn’t even hiding it anymore. They admit that the new racial demographics
helped Obama get reelected. White Americans are aging and refusing to have children to counter the transformation, as was foretold decades ago.

A demographic tidal wave became a Democratic tidal wave as President
Obama won a tight but decisive re-election victory Tuesday with the help
of record-breaking support from Hispanic voters, massive turnout from
African Americans and continuing enthusiasm from young Americans.

Although Republican nominee Mitt Romney won a larger share of the white vote than any presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan scored a landslide re-election victory in 1984, the former
Massachusetts governor ended up a loser at the polls because of the
racial, ethnic and generational changes that have altered the U.S.
electoral landscape.