Daryl from the Walking Dead

Daryl from the Walking Dead

Postby aragon81 » Tue Dec 31, 2013 8:18 pm

I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, but here it goes. I hate to be one to bring any kind of pop culture to this forum, or anywhere for that matter, but since it has such an influence over modern America, I had to bring up something I've had on my mind.

In the very popular show that I admit I watch, "The Walking Dead", there's no shortage of the standard-issue multi-culti/interracial-copulating bollocks. I'm able to see behind all that, but the show's main "hero" and show's favorite character happens to be a character named "Daryl", who is a white man, a typical TV-land "backwoods hick", and even drives a motorcycle with the Third Reich SS runes on the gas tank. No mention has ever been made about this and no blubbery renunciation of his "evil ways" has happened in all 3-4 seasons. I've even come across uber-leftist "hipsters" who have Walking Dead shirts that read: "If they kill off Daryl, we riot" on them. Everyone, especially women, seem to love this character.

Daryl is a self-sufficient outdoors-man, which is obviously a valuable trait in a post-apocalyptic world like that of the WD. He also seems to be a "rough around the edges man's man", is brave, and behaves respectfully [for the most part] towards the women in the show.

I was just wondering if anyone here who has or hasn't watched the show had any ideas about the favorite character of the most popular [cable] TV show in America being a Third Reich sympathizing, backwoods, courageous white man... it all seems very odd, considering the anti-white, especially anti-white male agenda right now. This seems to go against every image of a white man they portray...

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