Will the Blowback be Epic? | Opinion
Posted on: 06/17/2020 08:04 PM

Can you just imagine if this takeover had been the work of White identitarians? The FBI would have ensured a reprise of Waco and Ruby Ridge within hours.

Things are coming to a head, my friends.

After every anti-White outrage I hear it. The anger is growing, resentment building up to boiling point. Blowback is coming. And when it comes it's going to be epic. I'd love to think so but the evidence suggests otherwise. Because a people subjected to such abuse, especially a hitherto dominant people, should have rebelled years ago given the provocation. Less than seventy years ago Alabama wind-chimes would have sprouted everywhere. Nowadays all inter-racial violence ends up with the White(s) being beaten to a pulp, lying in a pool of blood.

And the perps invariably walk. Britain's most recent riots saw police bloodied and battered by leftist thugs. And what was the police response? To kneel before the rioters. Although they remain capable of acting, as they did by arresting a Brit, down to defend the statues, for urinating in public. An offence for which he was immediately sentenced to jail time. While the rioters walk free. In Seattle an act of blatant sedition is supported by the authorities and another kneeling police force. Had the perps been White the authorities would have immediately reacted with overwhelming firepower. The Western 'justice' system is now perverse to the point of resembling some form of Satanic Inversion.

Will the Blowback be Epic? | Opinion

The psychosis under which Whites labour further reduces the possibility of blowback. Psychosis being an inability to distinguish fact from fantasy. How else can we explain how, after the recent orgy of violence and destruction, a majority of Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement by a 28-point margin, up from the 17-point margin two weeks ago? How do French and English football supporters, drenched in emotions, belt out their national anthems while on the field their countries are represented by a menagerie of Africans and Asians? Psychosis. Meanwhile the toxic demographic mudslide continues unabated and almost unopposed.

So what do I see happening? I see a continuation of White retreat. From neighbourhoods, towns, cities, pursued in due course by the black and brown morlocks for whom they provide food and sustenance. Eventually the White eloi will move again. Only to be pursued again as the process repeats itself endlessly. The White retreat is not only geographical. Whites are gradually (rapidly in some cases) being replaced in the workplace, media and academia thanks to unfettered immigration and affirmative action.

But we must fight on nonetheless. While the outlook is bleak and blowback unlikely the battle is far from over. Remember the immortal words of Thomas Paine. "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may have peace."

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