Why Whites Don't Want to Apologize for Apartheid
Posted on: 02/03/2013 07:32 PM

The white population in South Africa overall was certainly a cut above that in Europe. South Africa proper was a good place to live, a good place to raise white children. Now look at it...

But of course, it was too good to last. A wave of Social Marxism / Frankfurt School insolence was sweeping over Europe following World War II. Liberalism had defeated "fascism." The corpses of millions of Communist / Marxist / liberal opponents were now rotting in mass graves all over Europe, after they had been machine-gunned, hanged, and starved to death at the end of the war. Other millions of the opponents of "Allies" were being worked to death in slave-labor camps behind the Iron Curtain. Liberalism was triumphant and gaining steam. And even in successful prosperous South Africa the cancerous influence of social Marxism made itself known. The leftists in Europe were still not happy, screaming about the evils of white colonialism and white imperialism. The white man was "oppressing and exploiting" the brown man in India and the black man in Africa, and it had to be stopped at all costs they said. After all, we were all equal, right? Race was an inconsequential detail, only a matter of skin color and nothing else, correct? To think otherwise was to be a "fascist," a "racist." A horribly bloody war had just been fought in the heart of Europe in order to exterminate the "fascists" and the "racists." It was intolerable that we should permit "racist" policies to govern our colonies in Africa. The blacks must be given the chance to vote, the chance to have sex with our women, the chance to create a "culture" in their image. We must step aside, bow our heads, and hand everything over to our black "equals" the media, churches and other politically correct nation killers were screeching endlessly. And so, South Africa finally buckled.

It really paid off, didn't it?

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