Why Doesn't EAU Charge Membership Dues?
Posted on: 12/22/2019 04:01 AM

by John Young

We only became “white” by contrast – when political and industrial interests saw fit to fill the country with people of other races, thereby making a distinction necessary. And, of course, we have further become “white” by being specifically attacked, defamed, discriminated against and defamed under that description.

Historically, pro-European-American organizations charge membership dues, but starting in 2012, we ceased that practice on the basis of a very important philosophical point that distinguishes us from all other pro-European-American efforts. Explaining this point also explains why you should join our efforts.

Nationalism for Nations
Nationalism, by definition, applies to nations. You cannot have such a thing as “male nationalism” because a sex is not a nation. Many have argued that you also cannot have “white” nationalism because “white” refers to a race, and a race can encompass many nations. Attempts at pan-Arab, pan-Asian and pan-African nationalism have failed because, fundamentally, merely having a broad racial category in common is insufficient when each race has been divided into numerous distinct nationalities for centuries or millennia, and those nationalities have often been in conflict.

At the crux of this issue is the definition of a nation. Globalists, leftists and bought-and-paid-for “conservatives” have long deliberately conflated the concept of a nation with the concepts of both a state, and a country. This allows for a fuzziness in thinking that makes people vulnerable to being deceived.

Without diving into those other concepts, a nation is a group of people with shared ancestry, shared history and shared language.

That shared ancestry need not be uniform. For example, the modern Caucasian British were formed from thirteen different Celtic tribes, at least three Germanic tribes, as well as the results of a long Roman occupation. Then, over time, they forged a common language and acquired a shared history, turning them into one nation. They were all of the same broad race, but the nationalities merged into a new, shared, particular nationality. Even though the people across the English channel looked the same, those other peoples spoke different languages and had slightly different histories.

And thus it is with European Americans. When ethnic activists in the United States refer to being “pro-white”, or to white people generally, they are not usually speaking of the original blue-eyed Berbers or Kurds. They are usually speaking, not of a race, but of the specific European American nationality. The term “white” is merely a form of short-hand.

Before we were white, we were Americans, because our country had been founded with clearly ethnic immigration laws that restricted naturalization to only white people. For hundreds of years, throughout most of the country, people could be born, live their lives and die without ever laying eyes on someone of a different race. During that time, since the color was obvious, people identified more with their states (as Virginians, for example), their particular Christian religious denominations, or with their very specific heritage, such as my own which has been here since the 1600’s.

We only became “white” by contrast – when political and industrial interests saw fit to fill the country with people of other races, thereby making a distinction necessary. And, of course, we have further become “white” by being specifically attacked, defamed, discriminated against and defamed under that description.

European Americans, like the British, are the result of an amalgamation of various European nationalities who have mixed to such a degree that to find someone who is purely German or purely Irish is a rarity. And, of course, even those people are the result of prior national amalgamations. So we have a shared ancestry. And all of our ancestors conformed to the shared language of American English, which is distinct in pronunciation and spelling from other variants of the language. Likewise, we have a shared history and national myths and heroes which are distinct from the histories of other Caucasian peoples. As a result of our unique history, we likewise have different values that in some cases horrify our cousins in Europe, such as the tradition of private ownership of weapons.

In other words, although the very imprecise term “white” is often used, it is merely short hand for describing the members of a unique nation: the European American nation. Even that nation has subunits, such as Appalachian honor culture and Southern cavalier culture. But these are still part of the European American nation.

A Nation within a Nation
The above title is slightly deceptive, because the United States of America is not a nation. Because the government in Washington, DC exercises authority over people of many nations, and not even all within the same territory, it is more properly seen as an Empire. But even without that, the United States of America is a country that contains many nations. Some of these nations are obvious and are clearly named as such, as with the case with many Native American tribes. They clearly distinguish that they constitute a nation that has its own distinct national interests, which may at times contradict the interests of whomever the government in Washington might be serving.

But every distinct People within the country is its own nation. This applies clearly to African Americans, who have their own shared ancestry, history, language and culture. And it also applies to European Americans, who are likewise a distinct nation within the country.

And as a distinct nation, European Americans have our own unique national interests, which might not always be congruent with the interests served by the Deep State or bought public officials in Washington. In addition, the interests of the European American nation might often be the same as those of the African American or Sioux nations, but sometimes our interests will differ from theirs.

Another group of people who constitute a nation are Jews. The State of Israel goes to great pains to call itself the State of Israel, to make sure they do not conflate themselves with the nation of Israel – which is composed of all Jews, no matter where they are in the world.

Some of the national groups within the territory of the USA are better organized and more successful at representing their national interests than others, but Jewish Americans present an example worth broadly emulating. They constitute only 2% of the population, but have over 1,000 ethnic organizations that are wildly successful in using ethnic nepotism networks to place their people in positions of influence and to take care of their own. Rather than this being a point of critique, it is clearly something worth duplicating, and everyone knows that copying is the most sincere form of flattery.

European Americans United believes in the concept that European Americans constitute our own unique nation, and that we, like the Sioux or Jewish Americans, are a nation within a nation that has its own unique interests that need to be represented and advanced.

Now, on this basis, what are the membership dues for being part of the Sioux nation, the Jewish American nation or the African American nation? The answer is zero. There is no monetary cost. Therefore, there are no membership dues for being a member of European Americans United.

The Benefits of Ethnic Nepotism
If you were to look at African Americans, Latin Americans and Jewish Americans you would discover that those of their members who have an IQ over 115 are quickly put on pathways to financial well-being, success and influence. In fact, there is only one national group in the United States where you will find a substantial number of its members with an IQ over 115 who are under-employed, systematically denied opportunity and having little access to achieve better: European Americans.

I was recently reading an article about a supposed “crisis” in falling college enrollment. It acknowledges that women now substantially outnumber men in college. If you were to dig, you’d find the largest drop in attendance is from white men. But did the article suggest finding ways to get that under-represented demographic back into college, and back on a path to opportunity so they can support families? No. Instead it suggested ramping up efforts among the members of “the great replacement.” This is reality.

I do not have the time to go into a deep exploration of the ethnic nepotism networks of various national groups within the United States. But we have all encountered government departments that seem to be composed entirely of African American women, or companies where everyone we encounter seems to be from India, or industries where the influence of Jewish Americans is very disproportionate. This is a very normal and natural thing. It is only among European Americans with a far over-developed sense of fair play where this is somehow seen to be wrong.

A key aspect of our statement of ethics is that we explicitly devote ourselves to the furtherance of ethnic nepotism within our members and nation.

Here is a short excerpt from the relevant section of our Statement of Ethics:

“ … we expect our members to value beauty, discipline, and progress and to strive to create and/or maintain distinctively impressive standards in art, education, and their professions; we expect our members to work for social justice and to respect and afford opportunity to their peers based not on their class or creed, but instead on their moral character and personal achievement ...”

This is a very nice way of saying one of our goals is for our members to work to be among the very best in their fields of endeavor, and to also engage in ethnic nepotism to provide opportunity to worthy members of our nation.

It is important to distinguish that we are not advocating that you provide opportunity to people who are wholly unsuitable, have bad character, have poor achievement and so forth simply because they are a part of the nation. Rather, we are saying to develop yourself personally as highly as you can, to encourage that development in others, and to preferentially provide opportunity to European Americans who merit it.

This doesn’t just mean hiring for jobs. It also includes the choice of people with whom you do business.

Ethnic nepotism is very important. Every other national group is doing this, and our failure to embrace it leaves us extremely vulnerable and puts many of our very best and brightest on the worst paths and weakens us as a nation.

But Benefits Come with Contributions
There are three types of members of “nations within nations.” There are people who are simply born that way and who may not even consciously acknowledge their membership in the nation. This is seldom the case among other national groups, but among European Americans, there is often a lack of awareness of being part of a national group at all, or if there is an awareness, it is simply “I am white, and therefore morally inferior.” TV is one helluva drug.

Another type is someone who may explicitly reject any relation they have to their nation, or they may even actively work against the interests of their nation. I have written about such people before as “undermen.” Among most national groups, such people tend to be ostracized by the more nationally aware members of the nation, or denied access to the benefits of ethnic nepotism.

The final type is people who consciously acknowledge their membership in the nation and as a result feel some sort of responsibility to serve the national interest. This level of responsibility can range from very simple things such as contributing to an ethnic advocacy group or voting a particular way all the way to actively joining an ethnic advocacy organization and participating in activism.

No nation charges dues to be a member of that nation. But the benefits you ultimately derive from your membership in that nation are proportional to what you contribute, because your efforts make it stronger and able to do more. If you hire a bright European American man who can therefore afford to raise a family, you thereby contribute to strengthening your nation. When you help fund ethnic advocacy organizations, you help make them more capable of serving your interests. When you volunteer to do work for your nation, that work helps the members of the nation, which strengthens the nation overall.

There are untold thousands of ethnic advocacy organizations for Latin Americans, Jewish Americans and African Americans. If you are an African American who contributes to the NAACP, you can think of that as a voluntary tax to support your nation. The same applies to members of respective nations financially supporting La Raza or the Anti-Defamation League. This support is a voluntary national tax that strengthens the advocacy for their national interests.

The same applies to European Americans United. We do not charge membership dues for the reasons abundantly explained. But we DO accept (non-tax-deductible) donations of Monero(XMR) to help us fund initiatives. Our ability to advocate for our national interests is directly proportional to the contributions we receive. And we DO solicit our members to engage in volunteer work in service to their nation.

You can be a part of our effort in many ways. You can quietly adopt our principles and ethics and practice them in your daily life, and we never need to know you exist. You can send us donations to help us fund our programs. (By the way, nobody draws a wage from EAU – it is entirely volunteer.) You can join the organization formally. When you do so, you promise to follow our ethics, and perhaps your activism will go no further than that. Or, you could become part of a chapter or a special project, and volunteer to do various tasks and activism projects. Ultimately, you could even grow into a position of leadership. But more on that shortly.

One thing that remains popular among European-American advocacy groups is exclusivity of membership. That is, in order to be a member of such a group, you cannot be a member of any other European-American advocacy group. They basically demand organizational loyalty. This is extremely problematic because it is rare for an organization to manage to maintain its existence after the death of its founders. So in practice these organizations are really requiring loyalty to the individual running them, rather than to the Cause itself.

This is another area where European Americans United is different. We have a dual existence both as an organization, AND as a nation. (We are registered on the BitNation blockchain as a stateless nation seeking diplomatic recognition.)

Does someone come along and tell an African American that, in order to support the UNCF he can’t also be a member of the NAACP? Or that if he joins the NAACP he is no longer African American? That would be ridiculous. Does anyone tell Jewish Americans that in order to support the ADL they have to leave their Reform Jewish congregation? Of course not.

So you can be a member of European Americans United and follow our own plans for activism, but you can also remain a member of European Americans United and undertake a variety of outside projects either with other organizations, or with your own initiative. In fact, we have many members who run other projects that nobody knows are tied to us. In this way, we disseminate our principles and ethics across the broad European-American movement.

Our Submerged Aristocracy
Thomas Jefferson noted that there is a “natural aristocracy among men.” This is true, and that aristocracy is composed of people who are willing and able to think beyond their own lifetimes, to envision and work to implement a world that will be better for our posterity.

At one time, our people were largely ruled by such an aristocracy. Though such a thing is never perfect, and its heritability and impermeability created long-term problems, for the most part since the fate of an aristocracy is tied to the fate of the people it rules, and the wealth of an aristocracy is limited by the wellbeing of the people it rules, aristocracy worked well for us up until the age of mercantilism. In its Germanic forms, aristocracy allowed people to advance on the basis of merit or fall if they weren’t as capable as their parents, thus providing checks and balances. So in some regions our aristocratic classes closely mirrored our actual natural aristocracy.

Actual aristocracy is both ruler and servant. It rules because it is best qualified to do so, but the power it possesses is intended to be put primarily to the benefit of the long term best interests of those it rules. It can be seen as more like fatherhood or stewardship than the master/slave relationships common to other nations. And in Germanic aristocracy, if there were much deviation from this vision, the King was killed and a new one elected.

With the rising era of mercantilism and the ability of import/export entrepreneurs and finance houses to control aristocrats through debt (and even buy themselves into aristocracy), endless wars ensued and the aristocracy degenerated into what ultimately became rule by wealth rather than character and insight. And as this progressed to the point that in the modern era a high level of psychopathy is a prerequisite to reaching the higher levels of business, those with the greatest nobility of character became excluded from positions of power.

As truly noble people tend not to seek power for their own sake, but rather accept it as a burden they must bear in service to others, they are really no match for the unremitting rapaciousness of the modern globalist finance sector.

Furthermore, as noted earlier, for about the past 100 years our most intelligent and noble people have been systematically denied access to opportunity and influence.

In practice, what this means is that our natural aristocracy is submerged while vile opportunists become insanely wealthy and influential. As a result, it is not at all unusual to encounter a European American of noble character and far vision working at the counter of an auto parts store or welding in an auto body shop. This is made even worse by the fact the current system will reward European Americans as individuals for betraying their nation, and those who won’t betray their people never get opportunities.

We consider all the members of European Americans United to be, almost by definition, members of our submerged aristocracy. Those who join us are going to be people of high personal character, and dedicated to a noble ethical system while being forward thinking. In other words, natural aristocrats. Nobles.

Because of this, EAU has two parallel hierarchies. We have a national hierarchy, and an organizational hierarchy. Within our national hierarchy, all of our members are elevated to knighthood in The Order of the Sacred Chain. As they undertake greater levels of responsibility, they will attain greater ranks that reflect that status. At the highest level, we are ruled by a co-regency.

That co-regency is composed of the Board of Directors from our organizational hierarchy. All members are volunteer members, and they can accept greater responsibilities to become Coordinators for Chapters and/or Special Projects.

Ultimately, our goal in this regard to to accomplish something that has rarely happened in pro-European-American advocacy: we want to create an entity that will outlast its founders by allowing for smooth transitions of responsibility across multiple generations while maintaining the same broad vision.

The battle we are currently fighting was started by the Apostles of Epic Evil, without our knowledge, back in the 1600’s. They achieved the power they have today by being able to keep “eyes on the prize” for hundreds of years.

Hopefully, we won’t need that to win our freedom. But we must be prepared for an effort that will take decades rather than years to solidify our position, and that means we must be able to mount an inter-generational effort. And that means we must have a structure that provides for new regents.

Thankfully, all of our members are natural aristocrats, so it’s just a matter of allowing them to be tempered so they can ultimately rise.

How to Join Us
There are three ways. If you happen to encounter one of our members in person, they can get you a paper membership application. You can use our organizational contact form to write to either me or Frank, and we will send it in electronic form. You fill it out, and send us back a picture (to our protonmail accounts). Or, you can look at the upper left hand corner of this page, and use either the TOR or Brave browser to visit our Onion site, where you can join online. Once you join, you’ll be contacted and you can engage in whatever level of involvement works for your life, and with which you are comfortable.

We don’t charge a fee. But we do exact a price in the form of your adherence to our principle and ethics. Thankfully, it is a price that works for your own best interests, and those of your nation.

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