Podcast: White While Distracted
Posted on: 04/22/2013 02:53 AM

In these troubling times let us not become distracted by the recent bombing, the economy and the war headlines; the endless talk-a-thons regarding these dark current events. Our people's long term survival and the persistent assaults against us that too often are couched in politically correct Cultural Marxism, and overcoming it, must be our paramount concern. Although this podcast dates back to 2009 it is more relevant today than it was then. Please listen.

By Frank Roman

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There’s been much talk lately about a phenomenon known as driving while distracted. The Transportation Department lately reported that nearly 6,000 people were killed and a half-million were injured last year in vehicle crashes connected to driver distraction. That includes drivers talking on cell phones, eating, reaching into the back seat, reading, and texting. While your host is guilty of a couple of these safety violations, the fact remains that operating a 2000+ pound machine capable of reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour or more requires the driver to pay absolute attention to what he or she is doing. Killing an innocent person on the road while reading a Wal-Mart circular on the steering wheel or texting one’s girlfriend is tragic, life altering and preventable.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of talk lately about another kind of distraction, a distraction that permeates everything. While it has been mentioned in passing, no government agency or bureau has issued any kind of forewarning about it. Even though the distraction I’m referring to is not as conspicuous or news worthy as a fiery car crash with multiple victims it is nevertheless a dire distraction from a subject that must be addressed.

For decades many researchers and activists have shown overwhelming evidence that many of our folk are distracted by slanted news and debauched entertainment. Therefore it is easy to surmise they (we) are indeed distracted away from their (our) own survival, as a people, as a nation. Things people don’t seem to readily notice such as the politically incorrect subject of White / European population rates and non-White, non-European immigration and its disastrous impact upon the following generations of our own kind. Their neighborhood is mostly white and the movies they watch shows multiculturalism to be a good thing, right?

Like a person texting on a cell phone while drifting into oncoming traffic they don’t see that their immolation is looming. In fact I’m certain many of my listeners know exactly what I’m talking about, the examples are legion and I know we’ve all seen variants of the following.

1-There’s the sports fan getting ready for "the big game," walking out of a convenience store with two suitcases of beer.

2-There’s the suit and tie executive multi-tasking his life away on a park bench or coffee shop in order to maintain his opulent lifestyle.

3-We see the holiday shopper tracking through a cavernous mall with glazed eyes and a wish list that absolutely must be filled.

4-There’s the man of little means vainly dropping every dime he has into a hot rod at the expense of all else.

5-There’s the (white) community college student well on his way to receiving his leftist credentials wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt and baggy pants slouching to his next class.

6-We see the car full of young white guys and girls at an intersection listening to Fifty Cent glaring at everyone around them.

7-There’s the sidewalks filled to capacity with human traffic and no one wants to look at each other.

8-There’s the missionary church members filing into a meeting about their next mission to Botswana or wherever it is the Lord directs them.

9-There’s the chatty co-worker who reads exclusively the entertainment section of the local news paper.

10-We hear the local and national talk show hosts tip toeing around politically incorrect subject matter in order to keep their jobs.

11-There’s morning and evening traffic gridlock as the rat race displays cars with bumper stickers like “Coexist,” Obama/Biden, rainbows, I Love My Pomeranian, My Boss Is a Jewish Carpenter, and my all time favorite, Cats Not Kids.

I don’t want to make too many assumptions here (perhaps I did) but I think you get my point. Outside of their immediate wants, as we observe European Americans going about their daily lives it seems as though they are utterly oblivious to the world around them. With eyes to see and ears to hear people are nevertheless distracted from more important issues; signaling to the rest of us they (at least seem to) center their lives on trivial, incorrect, misguided or even debasing points of view. They don’t see the big picture due to myopia, the big picture which demands ones full attention, like when someone is hurtling down an interstate babbling into a cell phone with a blank smile on their face instead of concentrating on driving.

That’s why it is up to you—entirely up to you—to do whatever it takes to warn them about the impending bloody collision they will suffer if they don’t stop being white while distracted. Like I said no government agency (such as the Transportation Department addressing distracted drivers) or bureaucrat, and certainly not the media is going to point out the racial cultural and political disaster that awaits future generations of European Americans, starting with ours. They have to be told in no uncertain terms the Third World that grows by 100 million people right here, right now, is the greatest invasion in the history of the world; that if they don’t stop being white while distracted our people as a group will come to an end.

You have to shake them and tell them they are being replaced by a new order and another people; by ethnicities devoted to a moral order outside of the interests of European Americans. Prove to them this new moral code was crafted by vicious bigots and moneyed ideologues following the Second World War in order to distract us all with white self-hate and self-indulgence, creating a presumption of pathology regarding our people’s overall decency and expressed will to survive. Punch a hole through their distraction and point out how this vile process is continuing right now under the auspices of media conditioning and elections.

Trust me, whereas driving while distracted has already resulted in the deaths of 6000 people and millions of injuries in 2007, being white while distracted will result in the largest population removal in history. You are the passenger and the driver is sidetracked with something. You suddenly notice he (or she) is unaware of their surroundings, about to drift, about to hit something, about to drive off the road to nationhood and plummet into the darkness. Get their damned attention and save not only your life and their own, but those who are yet to come.

Thanks for listening

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