White Female Teen Goes to a Bar to Meet a Black Male, and Disappears
Posted on: 09/30/2014 07:02 AM

The brainwashing of our children is a fighting matter. White children in public and private schools all over America, especially teens, are being indoctrinated and lied to about racial 'equality.' The lies come in many packages. Some of them are in the form of Politically Correct textbooks and history lessons, but clearly to most those lies come in the seductive form of popular entertainment: that its OK to turn your back on your own people in order to date and mate with Blacks.

The ‘person of interest’ in the case of missing UVA student Hannah Graham admits that he bought her drinks but denies he drove off with her in his car, MailOnline can reveal exclusively - as one thousand volunteers reportedly searched for her Saturday.

Jesse 'LJ' Matthew has confirmed he met the 18-year-old in Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall on the night she went missing and bought her drinks at a local bar.

But Matthew, a nursing assistant at UVA Hospital, told his mother that Hannah did not get into his car and that the pair 'went their separate ways.'

'Nearly 1,000 volunteers' participated in a Saturday search for Graham, the Associated Press reported.

The volunteers were photographed wearing bright neon vests and carrying backpacks.

They were seen walking through fields and bushes in an attempt to find the college student.

White Female Teen Goes to a Bar to Meet a Black Male, and Disappears


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