What The Obama Victory Represents.
Posted on: 11/10/2012 06:18 PM

If there is anything worse than unfairness, it is ‘make believe’ fairness.

A recent article on the far left / progressive Addicting Info website listed five reasons why re-electing president Obama was a good thing. The first entry dealt with a rejection of trickle down economics (we favor Distributism). Secondly it extolled the unearthly brilliance of Obama voters and liberals in general, and third, their progressive interpretation of 'fake' patriotism versus 'real' patriotism. The fifth line item declared that they still have a long row to hoe in terms of nailing the final Red nail into the American coffin, economically culturally and spiritually.

However, it was line item number four that caused yours truly to stop, read it again, and then try to shut out the celebratory cackling witch peals, a direct result of an audio hallucination initiated by words:

4. We Are Increasingly A Nation Where The White Male Majority No Longer Rules

"What a wake-up call for the Republican Party. Obama’s second term says a lot about the changing face of America, and what we see as a nation when we look in the mirror.

Obama won with a 12 point lead with women and an overwhelming majority of the growing minority vote. Compared with 1996, non-white voters doubled their turn out, from 10% 16 years ago to 21% today. Obama beat Romney among Hispanics 60% to 39%, and the President may have won nearly all the African-American vote, as ABC polls predicted 96% of blacks backed him. Romney still won the white vote handily, 58% to 40%, the biggest white-voter lead for a Republican since 1988.

I think the nation’s increasing demographic diversity, consisting mostly of people who support liberal values more than conservative ones, is going to make America a better country. The increasing minority electorate will continue to pull American politics back toward the center as time goes on and more elections pass. The Tea Party will die off. Right-wing extremism ( A subjective term if ever there was one -- Ed.) will fall more and more by the wayside.

We are no longer a country of white male dominance, nor will we ever be again. That’s one of the legacies the Obama victory represents."

Amazingly candid, isn't it? This is perhaps the most concise illustration we have ever seen regarding the deliberate race hatred of white Americans, especially of white American MEN.

By saying that the election of Barack Obama is going to be one of his legacies is revealing, in that it admits the actual motivation for blacks mestizos women gays and white alienated neo-Marxists for voting for him all along. Its not like they all didn't know what was at play, with all of their calls for 'unity' and 'good will' a sham.

If there is anything worse than unfairness, it is ‘make believe’ fairness.

Moreover, blogger Jeff Goodall analyzes a brief but enlightening piece by Tom McLaughlin of Family Security Matters wherein he easily spots the neoconnish political tendency to flee from or ignore what is right in front of their vapid faces: race matters.

"What Mr. Mclaughlin does not say, or may not accept, is that the massive influx of Hispanics into the United States, combined with a well-established and burgeoning Black population, has reduced the average intelligence of the electorate to well below that necessary for political parties, and the governments they form, to be kept in check by thoughtful and well-informed voters who have a stake in society through employment and property ownership.

....But for the moment, I will just offer the observation that the current concepts of democracy and government were devised over several thousand years by white Europeans, for white Europeans, and only work effectively with white Europeans.

These concepts are not easily transferred to people of other races and cultures, who often see “democracy” simply as a means of entering into a parasitical and symbiotic dependency in which they exchange their votes for other people’s money through governmental re-distribution of wealth.

And for several decades now, political parties throughout the Western world have been engaged in a mad rush to compete for these votes."

From one of our European Americans United fliers we say:

There is a white minority evolving inside America within the next 34 years. What kind of treatment can you and yours expect from the new Afro-Chicano Spanish-speaking majority?

On August 13th 2008 The New York Times quoted a US Census Bureau statement which said in part:

"White people of European descent will no longer make up a majority of the US population by the year 2042 - eight years sooner than previous estimates. ...The new projections suggest that by 2050(non-white) minorities will account for 54% of the population and non-Hispanic whites 46%. … Immigration and higher birth

Will the new Afro-Chicano Spanish-speaking majority give her (a white child) the same legal protections, racial preferences and subsidies that Hispanics and African-Americans receive today? Not very likely.

Of course, there are those of us past and present who have been warning the public for decades, especially following the Second World War, that this exact scenario was in motion and gaining steam. And apparently the leftist / progressive subset of a rapidly degrading electorate smells blood in the water.

In this age of push-button digital noise and mind-numbing, spoon-fed choices that encourage familiarity rather than growth we have to stop preaching to the choir what has taken place and instead put our energies into definitive no nonsense action, striking a course for real growth and the kind of awareness that's effective and irresistible. It ultimately has to come down to a sacred belief—that we must define ourselves as a group, a collective whole, and therefore must define any other group as fundamentally different from our group. By doing so you understand that truthfulness and righteousness are their own reward. More on that later.

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