What is “Intelligence” in the Spy Agency Sense, and why the CIA is a Broken Organization
Posted on: 05/22/2019 04:13 AM

by Mindweapon

Editor's note: Mindweapon is EAU's National Intelligence Coordinator. EAU has a free homeschool curriculum available.

Intelligence, in the context of the CIA, MI-6, KGB and so on, is a branch of practical philosophy, armed. The director of the CIA is supposed to ask “first questions,” but political and budgetary pressures get in the way.

This is why ordinary people doing intelligence can actually do a better job than people with a billion dollar budget. If the Intelligence people get the first questions wrong, every action they subsequently take based upon that error is simply a waste.

Antonio Mendez was in the CIA Art Department and wrote a memoir:

Argo: How the CIA & Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History

I encourage you to read spy memoirs because there are tidbits that get past the redactors.

Mendez’s memoir mentions off hand that the children of CIA employees were doing drugs and having poor life outcomes, and that they discussed this casually as a possible intelligence problem and national security threat. But the discussion went nowhere.

This was a huge insight to me, however. If your kids are growing up as zoned-out TV babies and addicted to video games and/or heroin, and not becoming successful human beings, they are your Number 1 national security threat. If even CIA employees are having their own children go astray, then they are losing the intelligence war. The well-being of one’s own children is actually far more important than “the Soviet threat” or “Islamic terrorism.”

I was in the Army Reserves as a Russian Linguist from 1991-1997, and I would talk about the dumbing down of Americans as a national security threat. My fellow soldiers and the officers dismissed my concerns. They probably used the TV as a babysitter themselves, and God knows, how many of their kids grew up and became heroin addicts. I’m betting more than one. Later, I was fired from a job as an appliance technician because I would walk into a house, see children zoned out in front of the TV or video console, and say something to the mother and she would complain to my supervisor. But my conscience absolutely forced me to say something, even knowing it could get me fired.

So this, in my opinion, is Intelligence. It’s asking the question, “What is the real threat to us? What should we do about it?”

If you are concerned with child raising and homeschooling your kids with the Robinson curriculum, or helping some other parents do so, you are doing better Intelligence than the CIA.

The ideal solution to the child raising problem is homeschooling with the Robinson Curriculum. There are two features of the Robinson Curriculum that are absolutely essential.

Train the children to teach themselves. Mathematics first thing in the morning — between your child and the rest of his day is 30 Saxon math problems.

Art Robinson is an example of successful child raising and homeschooling. He has a home laboratory now and is doing basic research with two of his children. His other 4 children are quite successful as well.

Intelligence is not complicated. What is the greatest threat to us? The dumbing down of our children. What is the solution? What Art Robinson did. I’m not holding back any answers from you, to try to upsell you. Everything has been disclosed.

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