What if You Need a Therapist?
Posted on: 08/06/2018 08:21 PM

by John Young

The world in which we currently live ... is a disaster. Certainly, this is not news to our typical reader. Although we have lots of nice shiny things and technical marvels in a non-culture that defines humans in solely material terms, as social creatures our needs for community, family, a place where we fit within a culture, moral certainty and meaning in our lives is missing. All of those were thrown away, and replaced with an insipid "tolerance" wherein people strongly hold the belief in ... nothing in particular.

This manifests in many ways. We see it in the ever-increasing numbers of our children raised without their fathers in the home, either because they were never there in the first place, or because the mother used the state to forcibly remove him. Maybe, in some cases, that needed to be done for reasons of health and safety. But in the majority of cases, if court filings are any indication, the father was merely inconvenient.

Of course, in such a materially rich but spiritually poor era, loyal wives are increasingly finding themselves ditched when they hit 40 as their husbands date their secretaries, run off to South America or import Filipinas.

Although in eras before birth control babies came whenever, in the modern world, our people have babies when they see a future bright with promise and hope. And despite all of the shiny gadgets that surround us, we are seeing them through a miasma of nihilistic gloom.

Our people are dying from opioid overdoses by the thousands and tens of thousands, setting new records every year. Bright young people who should be seeing a promising future, instead drown their existential misery in drugs, ultimately one day hitting the lottery of a self-inflicted execution by lethal injection.

Our workplaces have become increasingly sterile as the decades of sensitivity training, multicultural workplaces and sexual harassment seminars have made anything but the most bland and meaningless of discussions anathema. No assumptions can be made of shared cultural values, and everyone must bow and scrape and force an accepting smile when a guy with 5 o'clock shadow declares he is a "woman" and pushes into the ladies' room.

The suicide rate, especially among middle-aged white men, is hitting epic levels.

It is unsurprising that many people are experiencing psychological distress. We are living in one of the most anti-human environments imaginable, devoid of stable family, culture, moral meaning or life meaning. These have been replaced with tolerance, apathy, working only because it is necessary to live, and the pursuit of fleeting pleasures and escapes. Not everyone in distress realizes there is a problem any more than a fish realizes it is breathing water instead of air. But some people recognize their internal state is not healthy, and seek help through a therapist.

Good luck with that.

I was speaking with one of our members a while back who had sought therapy to help with an unhealthy relationship issue. What she experienced is not at all unusual. She went to two therapists who at least had the honesty to admit that they could not be objective with her, could not help her, because she had voted for President Trump. The third one she saw said he believed that he could "possibly" put that behind him in order to help her, but he had a hard time seeing her as anything but a monster due to the way she voted. Our members' experience is far from unusual.(1)

If you've ever had the misfortune to go to a marriage counselor, in all likelihood that was immediately prior to the end of your marriage, because nearly all marriage counselors subscribe either explicitly or implicitly to hardcore feminist dogma, meaning the solutions they offer will pretty much doom any marriage.

Maybe you think I'm exaggerating. I wish I were. Research indicates that among psychologists, liberals outnumber conservatives by a staggering 10.5 to 1.(2) And even that single conservative works in an environment of such hostility that liberal co-workers freely admit to discriminating against conservatives in hiring and promotion, while denying their own attitudes to be hostile.(3) The situation is so pervasive that even the results of studies are notoriously interpeted and designed in a leftist way, leading to so much confirmation bias that no objective person can rely on them.(4) One set of researchers has published a working paper concluding that the fundamental liberal premise of equalitarianism further biases their work to an astonishing degree.(5)

And this is bad news for everyone because not only is it practically impossible to find a therapist rooted in reality or capable of objectivity, but it is now law that this useless, dangerous and heavily biased social science be incorporated into public policy decisions.(6)

So ... what if you need a therapist?

Well, not surprisingly, there are laws in this country that limit giving advice about such things ... to people who have survived a winnowing process that only allows committed and fully indoctrinated leftists into their hallowed ranks. So let me speak broadly.

Outside of clear mental illness or suicidal/homicidal ideation (for which a license professional MUST be sought), a lot of issues and problems we deal with fall into the categories of finding meaning in our lives, our relationships, our jobs, major moral dilemmas, etc.

One thing I've found that can help a lot of issues is: action.

It's hard not to get depressed about all we see around us. So every day I do at least one thing toward our cause. Maybe I write my Congress-critter. Maybe I write an article for this site. Maybe I work on our Dark Web infrastructure. Maybe I work with an activist to get a voice over for an advertisment for our homeschool program. (Thank you!) Or maybe I have lunch with some other folks committed to our cause. All of these things help remove the feeling of impotence and isolation that leads to despair.

When it comes to jobs, whenever I've needed one or had a bad one, I have contented myself by building my qualifications in my time outside of work so that every day that goes by, my resume is stronger. When I was between relationships at one point, I took a really great "Ars Amorata" class on how to approach women plus read a number of interesting "red pill" (but not hateful toward women) books, such as Kaye's "Married Man Sex Life Primer" or "The Alabaster Girl." One of the best things I ever did to improve my feeling of wellbeing was undertake a daily bodyweight exercise program in preparation for amateur fighting.

There are some other alternatives to psychotherapy that shouldn't be overlooked. Most clergy have been trained to help people with moral dilemmas and also with relationships. Clergy may also have the inside scoop on one of those very rare therapists who can objectively work with someone who is to the right of Elizabeth Warren. If you already have religious affiliations that are healthy, that is a logical place to go for such help.

If you are having difficulty finding focus, chatting with friends and well-intended people who share your orientation can be helpful, as well as joining ethnic and religious organizations and other political causes (such as the NRA or the Second Amendment Foundation). Being a parent can wonderfully concentrate the mind as well. Plenty of people out there, especially recruiters, can be really helpful in discussing job issues.

It's also really important to maintain contact with friends, as frequently as is practical. It is especially common for people to become separated from their friends by romantic relationships, but don't let this happen because dissolution of romantic relationships can be a killer and having your friends already there and intact can be a huge cushion to help you bounce back from the mourning phase.

It's unfortunate that at the very time people need mental health services the most, the services are of least value and quality. Hopefully this article has provided some ideas and alternatives to help you help yourself, or put you in touch with friends, clergy, and fellow activists to help. Humans are social creatures, so proper socializing can often help even our worst problems. But again, a caveat: if you have a mental illness or suicidal or homicidal ideation, it is very important to see a professional. Some things are just outside the scope of your next door neighbor, and if you're the kind of person who is reading this, we want you safe!

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