We are United
Posted on: 03/27/2018 06:35 PM

by John Young

Just as the Angles, Saxons and Jutes lost their individual identities to form England, so have the many European ethnicities that came together to form European America.

The name of our organization, European Americans United, reflects something that, as a group, we take for granted. Even so, our readers might benefit from a bit of explanation -- especially given that there are still a substantial number of people on the right who don't believe it is possible to have national feeling on a scale larger than our parent European ethnicities.

Though their argument has many variations, the gist is that Germans exist, Poles exist, Icelanders exist, but that "white people" as a whole have no coherent existence due to differences, and hence a concept such as "white nationalism" has insufficient meaning. The general argument is that ethnic nationalism has a basis, but that racial nationalism does not. They may further argue that certain subsets of Europeans -- such as the Irish -- aren't very white at all, and are Semites. (1)

Of course, our organization is not called "White People United." It is called European Americans United, and every word has meaning.

The first immigration law passed in the United States limited immigration to free white people. Period. Although Africans had been brought here as slaves, it was quite clear in our Constitution and our first laws that they were never intended to be Americans. To be American was to be of European ancestry and none other.

To be European-American is to have a certain ethnicity that is just as powerful and just as valid as being German or English. European-American nationalism is ethnic nationalism, not racial. It is an important distinction. Although European-Americans are all members of the same race -- a race shared by our brethren in Europe -- we are nevertheless our own unique ethnic group.

But consider this: Britain has not existed forever. In fact, Britain as we know it -- pre-Islamic-invasion -- was fashioned from numerous European ethnicities including Angles, Jutes and Saxons among others. Angles, Jutes and Saxons ultimately became British. Germany didn't even exist as a nation-state until 1871, and it included Italians, Polish, Slovenians, Walloons among others when it was formed.

No nationalist who champions ethnonationalism questions the legitimacy of "German" as an ethnicity, despite slight variations in genetics and language.

The European-American ethnicity is much the same. Though the initial core of our ethnicity was formed by British, we quickly added Germans, many of whom would be considered Poles today due to their area of origin. Then, over time, we have added everything from Estonians and Finns to Italians, Irish and French.

Just as the Angles, Saxons and Jutes lost their individual identities to form England, so have the many European ethnicities that came together to form European America.

Although there have been occasional issues with integration wherein newer European immigrants were seen as "other," over time they came to adopt the common language of American English, and forgot the languages of their ancestors. By the time of the American Revolution, although we had substantial populations of Dutch, Scotts-Irish, French and German -- nearly all had assimilated to our common language.(2)

They adopted our founding myths -- of Johnny Appleseed, Washington crossing the Delaware, Thomas Jefferson, the Boston Tea Party and Manifest Destiny. And they adopted a common value system manifested in our Bill of Rights and a belief in self-sufficiency.

Today, except among the most recent immigrants from Europe, it is rare to find a European American whose background can be traced exlusively to one European country. I remember as a child in fifth grade comparing this with my classmates, and nobody was exclusively French, or German or Irish. Since, in genetic distance maps we are so closely related because we share the same race, it was merely necessary to change environment for new European settlers to adopt our mindsets, and tame a continent.

And we are unique in other ways too. Our ancestors came here from Europe for many reasons: to escape religious persecution, for a sense of adventure and the promise of land, or even as indentured servants caught stealing bread during famine. We are the descendants of people who left behind the comfort of the familiar to forge their own path. It is only European America that forged a First Amendment, or a Second Amendment. We are absolutely unique in human history.

Just as Czechs, Germans or Poles are unique, so too are we.

There is a general argument advanced by the left that there is no such thing as "white culture." Perhaps not, but there is most definitely such a thing as European-American culture.

Our rich traditions of hunting and fishing, passed down from father to son for generations, are a part of that culture. More recently, the freedom of motorcycle tours have entered that culture. Voluntary military service running in families is a part of our culture. But most importantly, the very freedoms we enjoy -- freedoms not even found in the countries of Europe -- are a part of our culture. Look in the town square of every small town in America and find statues of past leaders and memorials for our war dead -- and realize these were originally constructed with private funding as a natural outgrowth of our culture rather than an act of government.

In addition, we share common foes.

Today, every school in America seeks to inculcate guilt in our children for the crime of being born their ethnicity. Waves from the Third World call us "Gringos" and social justice warriors call for our destruction.

They are not calling for the destruction of those of us with Irish ancestry, or English ancestry or Italian ancestry. They are calling for the destruction of every American of European ancestry.

We are a people with a shared genetic heritage, a shared history, a common and unique language, shared values, shared founding myths and most importantly: a shared destiny.

We are one people. We are European Americans. And we are United.

(1) The argument that Irish have semitic admixture is based upon an erroneous attribution of the common genes for haemochromatosis in Ireland having originated with the Phoenicians or other Semitic group. But this is incorrect. These genes actually originated in Vikings and gained prevalence in Ireland due, to put it indelicately, to mass rapes. See: Milman, N. and Pedersen, P. (2003), Evidence that the Cys282Tyr mutation of the HFE gene originated from a population in Southern Scandinavia and spread with the Vikings. Clinical Genetics, 64: 36-47. doi:10.1034/j.1399-0004.2003.00083.x

(2) Lawrence H. Fuchs, The American Kaleidoscope: Race, Ethnicity, and the Civic Culture (Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press of New England, 1990), 12.

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