Watch: Congressman Accidentally Reveals Why Democrats Really Want Amnesty
Posted on: 07/26/2014 04:23 PM

White Americans be damned....

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) may have let the cat out of the bag when he confirmed the true reason behind his party’s push toward amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Elections. Specifically, amnesty would bring in 4-5 million new Democrats.

Gutiérrez, appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, railed against portions of his own party standing in the way of human rights at the border. He urged his colleagues in the Senate not to play politics on this matter.

Then he provided this little dangling carrot.

Amnesty after all, can be a good thing for the Democrat party:

Watch: Congressman Accidentally Reveals Why Democrats Really Want Amnesty

“Let me just say in about an hour, I’m going over to the White House. I’ll be meeting with Jeh Johnson and the Chief Legal Counsel to the President of the United States. We’re going to sit down and we’re going to negotiate additional terms and avenues the President can use and prosecutorial discretion, and I think we can get three or four or maybe even five million people.”


In reality what they have done is further the justification for fear and self loathing among white Americans in today's politically correct climate. And let there be no mistake: “Anti-racist” concerns and aspirations are neither trivial nor insignificant. They actually do hope, in the course of inciting fear exclusion and shame, to lift us all above the so-called "tyranny" of white racial interest; promoting the interests of immorality, non-white interests, globalism and death.

They wish to take us beyond the continuation of a traditional white majority America. Why? Because they and their fellow neo-Marxists operate under the advocacy of the overthrow of the existing racial and social order (as established by the Founding Fathers) with an eventual “revolution;” working in tandem with the ethnic groups and liberal classes which control the means of public policy making and who determine one's media status. When all is said and done the goal of these large and small Marxist bastards is supposedly to create a classless society which would result in no need for any European Americans; an expansive mongrel world that rewards their best efforts on behalf of their version of “truth, justice, and peace.”
--Frank Roman


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