Trump’s Failure Nets Dozens of Dead
Posted on: 11/18/2019 09:14 PM

by John Young

... if you aren’t serious about carrying the mantle for “the forgotten men and women” of America – which means white people who are subjected to discrimination and bigotry – then you shouldn’t allow them to undertake risk on your behalf.

Unless you live on a deserted island (preferably with both Ginger AND Mary Ann), you have heard of two mass murders.

As usual, there are some discrepancies between eye-witness accounts and what police and media report. This could reflect a normal state of mind during traumatic events, or a deep state operation. One can never be sure in America nowadays. But for our purposes, let’s just assume that media reports are reasonably accurate.

Reports indicate that a bright young man in El Paso, after struggling for years to achieve a decent living, saw the Democrat presidential candidates promise taxpayer-funded health care for tens of millions of illegal immigrants, and finally lost it. In a fit of suicidal despair, after leaving a manifesto behind on an image board, he proceeded to a department store where he shot as many Hispanics as he could before he was taken into custody.

In response to this, another young man, this time an Antifa follower, emboldened by lack of prosecution of a decade of Antifa violence, decided to commit a reprisal killing. So he opened fire in a bar in the whitest section of Dayton, OH. Despite his intentions to kill white people, he killed five black people as well as his own sister. He was killed at the scene within seconds by a nearby cop.

Both of these murder-suicides reflect serious failures on the part of our Congress and the Trump administration.

In the first case, the Trump administration has had a profound failure.

Let there be no question that Trump’s 2016 victory was largely attributable to his promises of putting an end to pervasive anti-white bigotry, stopping illegal immigration, deporting those illegals already here, and more. His promises, whether implicit or explicit, ranged from abolishing birthright citizenship to shutting down H-1Bs to building a wall. His appeal lay in his willingness to take the slings and arrows of a lying press while standing up against political correctness, and to take a stand, even if implicitly, for the interests of traditional Americans. Americans who voted for him, were counting on him to come through for them.

Memories are short. In the wake of that election, people who had voted for Trump were exiled from their families for doing so and spent their Thanksgiving dinners alone. Marriages were shattered. Employment was terminated. And then matters really kicked in as the tech giants “cranked it up to 11” with an increasingly pervasive censorship regime designed to systematically remove right wing thought from the web.

If you aren’t serious about a girl, you don’t let it get so far with her that she is picking out wedding dresses before you get around to telling her she was just a fling. And if you aren’t serious about carrying the mantle for “the forgotten men and women” of America – which means white people who are subjected to discrimination and bigotry – then you shouldn’t allow them to undertake risk on your behalf. A lot of people paid a very high social cost for supporting Trump, in terms of shattered families, lost friendships, lost opportunities and more.

It was incumbent upon Trump to carry that mantle and use his bully pulpit as President to shut down that damage, which he never did. Content to merely snipe at the edges, Trump stood back and allowed even his most ardent and respectable supporters to be steamrolled by big tech, and even literally brutally attacked in the streets, and maligned by hoaxers claiming fake hate crimes. In other words, he allowed the environment against his supporters to become increasingly toxic and isolating.

When it comes to domestic policy, Trump has not managed to keep most of his more critical promises. Whether this failure has been because he was stymied at the deepest levels by an intransigent bureaucracy and bottled up in courts at every turn, because he is an empty person swayed by his son-in-law above all others, or because he is disingenuous is hard to say, but I am generally inclined toward giving benefit of the doubt, and will say that he has failed despite his best intentions due to how deeply and profoundly the enemy was embedded, and the fact he was not prepared to win, and thus did not have people who were actually on board with his promises ready to be appointed to positions of importance.

The Deep State is a real thing, and it has been embedded and expanding for decades. These people are the skids who make government work, and best positioned to sabotage even the best of presidents. Which is why the supporters at his rallies were so enthusiastic in chanting “Drain the swamp!”

Not only has he failed to drain the swamp, but he has repeatedly appointed swamp creatures to positions ranging from cabinet level posts all the way to the Supreme Court. Let there be no doubt that his appointments have indeed been a dramatic improvement over what Hillary Clinton would have done, but they have nevertheless been within the range that the Apostles of Epic Evil deem to be acceptable.

But most critical has been his failure on immigration. Not only did he fail to build a wall, but illegal immigration ratcheted up to levels that were the highest in the past couple of decades. To compound the matter, piece by piece, he not only walked back his promises, but in many cases did the opposite. For example, he called for increases in legal immigration when our country is already groaning under inadequate infrastructure. Under his watch, although people with an ostensible “pro-white” orientation amount to a statistically insignificant (although widely reported) aspect of crime, he allowed for his own governmental appointees to declare anyone who is either pro-white or disbelieves an official government narrative to be a likely terrorist.

Early in his administration, his supporters held out hope. Whether they believed he was a genius playing 4-d chess, or that there were really tens of thousands of sealed indictments for draining the swamp, they kept waiting for the day to come when his promises would be kept and their sacrifices and risk would be vindicated. They waited for weeks, then months, then years.

His engagement of the immigration crisis has been inadequate to such a degree that Democrat candidates can openly advocate providing taxpayer-funded health care to illegal immigrants. The fact that every single candidate in a debate raised their hands to affirm their support for this demonstrates they feared no reprisal or loss of support.

That environment could not exist if, for example, people who hired illegal immigrants were being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s happening, but just at a PR level. In practice, someone hiring illegals is more likely to get hit by lightning than be prosecuted. And Trump’s deportation rate has been even lower than Obama’s.

This situation emboldened the democrat presidential candidates to outright advocate – let’s be honest here – taxing white people until they can’t afford their own kids in order to subsidize the replacements brought in to hasten their ethnic extinction. For a young man to see this and lose hope and become so lost in despair as his future was gambled away that he attempted “suicide by cop” is not at all far-fetched.

While some will see the El Paso shooting as representing merely hate, that is not the whole story. The shooter fully intended to die and it is only by happenstance that he did not. This attempted suicide is a response to deep psychological pain that the person cannot reasonably seem to escape except through death.

In other words, both he and his victims were victims of diversity, victims of Leftist advocacy, and victims of a government so dysfunctional it refuses to protect its own people because it doesn’t even know who its people are.

No amount of background checks or red flags would have stopped this. The only things that could have stopped it would have been either Trump running as a taller Jeb Bush, or Trump managing to actually advance his agenda far enough that for national candidates to promise funding health care for illegal immigrants would have been unthinkable.

But it gets worse.

Although Trump paid a bit of lip-service to labeling Antifa as a domestic terrorist group, just as he paid lip-service to ending birthright citizenship, in practice the law enforcement agencies under his jurisdiction have done nothing about them.

Antifa has had a long history, originally starting as a paramilitary offshoot of the international communist organization, the Socialist Internationale. (Of which Democratic Socialists of America is a modern affiliate.) Their name, declaring them to be against “fascism” was a masterful stroke of propaganda, because few look beyond the cover of any book. Even so, this is an organization full of people committed to bringing about the death of excellence and the rise of the herd person in its place, and they have a history decades long of using violence all across the world to that end.

Most of them are not terribly wise, though quite a few are highly intelligent as their back-end Internet infrastructure will attest. Their lack of wisdom can be ascertained in the fact they never question why the billionaires they ostensibly wish to machine gun into pits are funding them. They are smart enough to be devastating weapons, but not yet wise enough to realize who is using them as such, and toward what end.

But be that as it may, these people have been running roughshod across the United States, engaging in untold numbers of violent attacks, even against people waiting to get into rallies to see Trump. Most recently, they have turned the streets of cities on the West Coast into no-go zones for anyone to the right of Trotsky, and they have done so with the blessing of the police chiefs and mayors of their towns.
You know, maybe I should just join Antifa where I can lead a life of crime and never have to fear prosecution, much less punishment? Do they get to rob banks too? I haven’t checked. Maybe they can rob a bank if they call it “fascist” first?

To me, such a thing is preposterous. But it cannot be denied that a clear and systematic refusal to prosecute certain people for their crimes effectively amounts to a license to commit violence. And when you give people a license to commit violence, you are encouraging it to grow both in severity and scope. And a certain young man in Dayton, Ohio saw that as his cue.

Whether it was the ostentatiously armed Antifa affiliate called “Redneck Revolt” or the fact Antifa could attack reporters and have them hospitalized without prosecution, or even openly target national figures such as Tucker Carlson and terrorize his family without reprisal, it has become clear that so long as one is affiliated with Antifa, one has a “get out of jail free” card.

And thus a second mass murder, not quite intended to be a suicide in this case, occurred in Dayton – this time with white people as its target, but the shooter was just not good at target distinction. And whether he wanted to our not, along with his victims, he died.

But just like the El Paso shooter, he was a victim as well. Had the Trump administration actually taken the prosecution of Antifa seriously – and they have many many grounds for prosecuting political violence – then perhaps the young man would have considered his entertainment options for the evening more thoroughly, or even reconsidered whether his heroes should have been black-clad Antifa thugs.

I can hear the anger now among readers: how dare you attack Trump! A man who cannot be criticized cannot improve.

First off, you know I’m telling the truth, and that’s why you’re so mad. Second, yes, he likely is better than Obama and I’ll vote for him over someone like Bernie et al. Third, it’s also time to be fair:

I will have Trump’s back if he has mine.

Can you show me where Trump has my back? You certainly can’t demonstrate that with his latest pick as Attorney General, that’s for sure. That man has a decades-long anti-white record. It seems that Trump himself has forgotten the “forgotten man.”

But finally, and most importantly, this situation needs to be pointed out in order to drive home the point that the U.S. Federal government no longer has any moral legitimacy. It has the same legitimacy as any tin-pot dictatorship: the legitimacy that comes from the barrel of a gun. Trump is likely the very best we are likely to elect anytime soon, and if things are going this sideways under him, the U.S. Federal government is no longer legitimate and cannot be saved. It should be respected in the way a hand grenade or a rattlesnake is respected, but not in the way a father is respected.

If I wanted to, every week I could write about dozens of people who have been killed, or maybe even hundreds, through the failures of this government to perform even its most basic functions.

It is time to understand that we need to be erecting parallel institutions for our stateless Nation within a nation. The way to prevent murder-suicides is for young men to have hope. That’s something we can give, but the morally illegitimate U.S. government can only destroy.

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