Treasury Secretary Geithner Abducted by Aliens
Posted on: 11/21/2012 09:48 PM

by John Young

Geithner was an instrumental figure in making sure that all those well-connected individuals at banks that got bailed out on the backs of the American middle class didn't have to go without their yachts, caviar, and $10,000 bottles of wine.

Either Treasury Secretary Geithner (who was formerly chairman of the NY Federal Reserve Bank) has been abducted by aliens, he has forgotten his schizophrenia medication or he really means this: just eliminate the debt ceiling entirely. Just when you think these guys might get in touch with reality before they plunge this country off a cliff, they demonstrate a complete disconnect as though they live on another planet subject to alternative laws of physics.

Watch him say it with his own lips: here.

Raise the debt ceiling to infinity? I knew that several states had legalized medical marijuana but I didn't realize its use was a prerequisite to serving in the Obama administration.

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