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Posted on: 02/11/2020 01:43 AM

The two-parent European-American family is under assault from values portrayed in media, legal structures of divorce, feminist legislation, unrealistic expectations and economic reductionism just to name a few. Moreover, our birth rate is plunging through the floor, and replacement populations are being brought in from the Third World. An important aspect of addressing our demographic displacement is rebuilding the two-parent European-American family.

Submitted by an anonymous contributor

To be honest the term 'Tradlife' / 'Tradwife' is a LARPY meme, but it points to something intrinsic that modern people long for: domestic harmony. Feminism is a cancer unto the female/male dynamic and no one had to convince us of that. We see it to be true in the lives of our feminist "sisters" who are miserable angry and unfulfilled. Calling what is ultimately the most natural, ancient and Biblical of arrangements between man and wife “radical” is both subversive and revealing. They want you to believe we’ve been tricked and misled into this lifestyle, but the opposite is true.

Our truly masculine men love us enough to take on the challenge of providing freedom from wage slavery. Gave us our homes and the fertile, safe ground for growing our families. How could we not want to serve our beloved husbands needs in return? We benefit from their sacrifice. Relationships are not about equal division of labor. They are about complementary roles being balanced out of deep love for one another. As well as an appreciation for what has traditionally always worked. The tradwife can’t exist without the male provider and vice versa.

They want you to think that there is some kind of abusive, controlling, woman hatred at the root of the trad wife community because they fear the consequences of women waking up to how viciously they’ve been lied to. About the delusion that’s behind the ideology of “empowerment.” At the core of the trad wife community is a lucid awareness of what femininity is and how it is effectively embodied. There is no resentment about it, just grounded, highly intelligent, nurturing and maternal women who do what intuitively makes sense rather than fight nature.

In a few decades we will be the women with a legacy, with grandchildren, with husbands that have grown old with us, with something valuable to pass on to our descendants as our grandmothers did to us. What will feminists have?

A dusty resume' and a lonely retirement.

They fear the way this community is growing because it shatters the myth that you have to believe yourself equal to a man in ability and utility to have self respect or awareness. They fear women coming to their senses and remembering how good it feels to find a man worth submitting to. Because with the shattering of this myth comes the entire illusion of gender being mere social construction. We realize the biological reality of who we are as men and women and are released from the ideological shackles of gender theorists.

We would then, for the first time in our wretched modern lives have the chance to operate from the mode of being, rather than becoming. True empowerment, being who we are as as opposed to just becoming shadows of our ancestors, becoming cogs in a machine operated by elites that hate our very existence. Before we are anything we are men and women, and that is why they attack us in this way so aggressively. The home is a unit of exponential power when those within it exist in a state of harmony. It can be the first building block of an empire when in alignment with Tradition and Nature.

It’s no wonder the journos (and other wreckers of normalcy --ed.) fears the Tradwife. They sense on some deep fundamental level, from our beauty, our happiness, our actual freedom and our kingly men, that they are the radicalized, subservient, slave.

Not us.

NOTE: Common sense reveals that no two families pursuing a 'trad life' family do so within the structure of some kind of instruction guide. Moreover, as in anything else,there is always the possibility of failure. However, aspiring to such in whatever capacity suits a couple is a noble healthy enterprise that can once again become the building block of an empire "in alignment with Tradition and Nature."
. -- ed.)

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