Time for the Next Phase
Posted on: 07/14/2020 08:03 PM

by John Young

People on the true right have long fallen victim to a false narrative that has channeled their activism into unproductive directions that are all-too-convenient for our enemies. This is because we were raised with images of civil rights protests and activism from the 1960's and were told these protests were successful and changed the world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When leftists in the 1960's protested, they already had the support of all major media in the country. They already had the support of the same bankers who had funded the Bolshevik revolution in the USSR. They already had numerous well-funded organizations that were underwritten by successful businesses, along with support from academia. When leftists hit the streets, in other words, their side had already won and they were just doing a victory lap. They already had infrastructure: they had jobs from which they would not be fired, they had organizations that would front the money for their bail if they were arrested, and they had a truck load of lawyers on call who would work for them for free. When members of the Weather Underground did hundreds of bombings, they landed jobs as college professors rather than stints in jail.

The 1960's was not the start of any sort of revolution -- rather, it was the announcement that a revolution had already occurred. The people that street activists were representing were already in power, even if, at an individual level, the activists didn't know it. It is easy to stage a "protest" when the actual sources of power in the country support what you are doing.

Consider for a moment that if I were to walk up to a monument of Martin Luther King, Jr. and put an easily removed Post-it note on there stating that he was a communist or a womanizer, I would be charged with numerous crimes ranging from defacing public property to possibly even felony conspiracy and terrorism. I'd be lucky to ever get out of jail. Yet, all over the country, a variety of miscreants have permanently destroyed a number of public monuments, and have faced no criminal charges whatsoever. The difference is stark and should tell you something. Specifically, it should tell you that these miscreants are actually carrying out the will of those already in power. This should not be shocking given that many of these organizations literally receive checks from the U.S. government.

One of the problems the true right has long faced is that we have believed in the mythology of 1960's street activism, as though it had the power to change the world, and thus have repeatedly attempted to adopt the same methods -- not understanding that those protests were backed by businesses, law firms, the deep state and a sympathetic media. All of the major revolutions that appear from high school textbooks to have been "grass roots" were in reality heavily backed and subsidized by people who already had at least some substantive wealth and power. Even the American Revolution would have failed without the aid of France.

Anything that works, works within a context. What we have long done, all the way from the 1960s to the present, is taken the physically visible activism of the left, and tried to apply it to the right while ignoring the necessary underlying power structures that gave it viability.

In order to have physically visible activism of that type, we must FIRST have the underlying structures. We need jobs from which people will not be fired. We need lawyers willing to take our cases and the wherewithal to pay them damned well -- because once they work for our side, they will never get ordinary work again. To have all of this, we need the well of cash that only successful businesses can provide.

The leftist street activists of the 1960's were antifragile because they were funded by and supporting a structure that was already in power. They weren't changing anything -- they were doing a victory dance that created an illusion that they were somehow the cause of changes that had already occurred behind the scenes.

European Americans United started in 2007 from a very different perspective than any other pro-European-American groups of the time. Understanding that in many cases white people enabled their own oppression, and that a code of ethics could help us rise above it, we based our approach on a statement of ethics to which all members agree. Understanding the techniques our enemies use, such as dynamic silence, we eschewed inflammatory rhetoric intended mainly to grab attention. Understanding that we did not have a truck load of free legal assistance, we also did not concentrate on types of activism likely to land our members in jail, or get them fired from their jobs. Instead, our focus was on infrastructure: first, in helping our members be their best, being prepared for the inevitable disruptions of an empire built on greed, and now on building our own businesses and resources that can support us reaching for power.

Examples of our earliest activism include advocacy of homesteading and home gardening. When you control your own food supply, you not only remove the jobs of illegal aliens, but you also starve out innumerable middle men while also giving yourself tax-free income and greater economic resilience. It is the sort of activism that is internally focused but helps build individual, family and organizational health. We also encouraged our members to become elders in their churches and to join their local Emergency Management agencies to gain influence in their communities. Here, too, our Statement of Ethics leads to our members being valuable in their communities and the sorts of people neighbors would turn to for guidance in a crisis. Later on, our activism branched into home schooling, and more recently into suicide intervention and the formation of a voluntary nation. These are part of a social service infrastructure that addresses needs that the failing American empire can't meet.

Our activism on the side of offense has included collecting signatures to end the H-1B visa, and informing people about the brain damage TV does to children, as well as a technique that the NRA has proven to work: alerts to contact Congress-critters about issues in a block.

Think now, over the past couple of years, and especially the past six months. A reasonable person would conclude that a pro-white person would be better off -- and have more influence and resiliency -- if, for the past ten years, they had been following our program to enhance their education, home school their kids and grow gardens than they would be from dropping inflammatory rhetoric on lawns.

Intermittently over the years, we have fielded criticism from people who have claimed that because we don't advocate the mass genocide of X or Y group, we are somehow "cucking." Others have claimed that by not advocating street activism, we are "doing nothing." But what we are actually doing is what our enemies -- who have proven quite successful -- have already proven to work: building first the individuals and then the infrastructure and ultimately sources of wealth in order to have the power and ability to ultimately achieve our objectives.

People waste a lot of time debating over, for example, the proper forms and policies of a potential future pro-white government, and they even get mad at each other and have schisms over it. But that is a waste of time and just pie in the sky when the reality is we currently live under a government that has institutionalized discrimination against white people at every level as the supreme law of the land.

This is a long struggle. We lost to our enemies long before most of us were ever born. That battle was lost with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and it took our enemies all the way from the 1790's until 1913 to achieve that victory for which they patiently worked for centuries. Everything since the Federal Reserve Act has merely been consolidation of a victory already won. Our enemies are not stupid -- they play a long game.

And that is why WE have to play a long game too. As much as people might wish it were otherwise, this isn't going to be turned around by people having a sudden flash of enlightenment after seeing a pro-white sticker pasted to a utility pole. There's nothing wrong with putting it there, assuming it is tasteful because on some occasions it might allow those sympathetic to our cause to know they are not alone. That is what I would call a "support" action. There are organizations that specialize in this, and those who do it in a sensible way should be supported. But that is not what will ultimately win the day.

What will win the day is realizing we are in a battle that started before this country was ever founded, that our enemies prevailed long ago, that we are in fact a subject population trying to throw off the yoke of a vulnerable oppressor, that we actually have the ability to do this already, and that we must build the infrastructure that is a precondition to the achievement of our objectives.

And this is why European Americans United has always had a different focus in our activism. In the past two years we have added more members than we added in the ten years from 2008 to 2018. How is this happening? The answer, sadly, is "Charlottesville." Although I understand why people would want to attend such an event, and I absolutely agree it should be every American's right to do so without penalty, Charlottesville demonstrated very clearly what our real condition is, and that EAU's approach is the more correct one for current circumstances. Every single person on our side who attended that event suffered for it. Some suffered so badly they were driven to suicide, but everyone who attended suffered greatly, and some are still in jail or contending with frivolous lawsuits backed by big money law firms.

What Charlottesville exposed is that we are a subject population, and that we are, effectively, no longer citizens. The fact that we are no longer citizens of a legitimate government is demonstrated every time a politician speaks and refers to the "residents." The word "citizen" in terms of rights and responsibilities is never used. We are, instead, a sort of "plebeian" to whom the guarantees of the Bill of Rights and the guarantees of impartial justice in the Constitution do not apply. Charlottesville demonstrated that our legal system is unspeakably corrupt and is incapable of delivering justice.

As horrible as the aftermath of Charlottesville has been for so many people, it also pulled back the curtain to show without ambiguity exactly what we are dealing with, which means that it also allows us to operate without self-delusion. It showed that in reality there is a lot of support for our point of view, and the continuing oppression and injustice following that event have awakened more and more of our people to the reality of the situation.

Now, combined with the coronavirus, we can expect substantial social strife and possibly even terrorist actions that could disrupt essential utilities from antifa and blm following the upcoming election, no matter who wins. In order to gain resilience and care for the people of our Nation, we need to implement the "next phase" of our plan.

The next phase is simple enough, but will be a substantial "lift" for many of our members. Though we have a couple of chapters whose members see each other regularly, we actually have enough members in MANY areas to put together chapters. The purpose of a chapter is to have people who are in reasonable proximity to each other meet, get to know each other, enjoy each other's company, and form a network of friends who can count on each other in time of need. A chapter may indeed do other types of activism, but the purpose of this activism is more to bring the members together through shared experience.

As part of this next phase there will also be "events." Not protests, not public events, but events for our members to become familiar with each other, to learn each other's personalities, and to forge stronger ties within our nation.

In the near future you will be hearing from Frank and I. If you live near other members, you will be given the opportunity to become part of one of these local chapters. If you are more isolated, then we will put you in touch with members of a special project group.

We are about to head into a decade of challenge that will require us to depend more on each other, but also a decade of important opportunities for which we must be ready. It will be up to you to take that all-important step of meeting the other members of your European American Nation. I assure you, you will not be disappointed as our other members are a lot like you: among the finest people you will ever know.

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