There Is Little Difference Between Immigrants And Invaders | Opinion and Analysis
Posted on: 02/23/2020 11:15 PM

Today’s immigrants have turned into the equivalent of invaders, looking for a piece of the dwindling pie as Western nations sink under the weight of their own decadence, ignorance, and demographic displacement.

The sacred immigrant is held up by leftists as an example of the Diversity™ and Multiculturalism™ they cherish. In the United States, Inc. the immigrant is implied to have the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed by the mainstream media and politicians. By default, they’re better people than those Evil White Males™ who drag their knuckles, thump their chests, and disenfranchise and oppress people. If only the white male would go away, shut up, or better yet, go extinct the rainbow of people in the New America and New World Order could finally just get along.

There are many holes in the left’s grand narrative of diversity and multiculturalism, however, such as the juxtaposition of the practice of cutting the clitoris off young girls increasing in the West alongside rabid feminists who regularly castigate and verbally castrate Western Beta males for nothing more than the crime of existing, having a penis, and having normal sexual desire. Christophobic feminists regularly contradict the left’s multiculturalism narrative as they swoop in to Muslim countries to stop the “diverse” practice of female circumcision while ignoring the hypocrisy of pushing Western feminism on other cultures.

There Is Little Difference Between Immigrants And Invaders | Opinion and Analysis

While in the West the practice of removing the clitoris is viewed with horror, in many Middle Eastern and African nations it is a cultural practice that goes back at least 2,000 years and is supported by 75% of women in nations like Guinea. Not to mention ignoring the ongoing brutality of male circumcision in their own countries, proving men don’t count for anything to Western women other than the brute labor and material goodies they can provide. Which will it be for the left? Respecting diversity or enforcing Western feminism on Muslims?

Focusing on out-of-control immigration, which is the reason why we are seeing odd couples like feminists and supporters of Sharia Law side by side under the leftist tent, when looking at today’s immigrants one begins noticing many of them behave as an invading force rather than someone who has superior virtue, only wishing to quietly assimilate into the culture and become an integral part of it. Leftists, always coming up with clever word jumbles tell us we have “progressed” past the need for a melting pot, that we have turned into a salad bowl in the 21st century. Each ethnic piece of lettuce, tomato, broccoli, and ranch dressing can now retain its own unique flavor while enlightening and loving each other. That’s the fantasy.

The reality is quite different as the rise of female circumcision in feminized Western nations shows. In another show of tribal behavior that won’t go away, Mexican groups in particular waved Mexican flags as they beat up Donald Trump supporters in San Jose and other Trump rallies for having a difference of opinion. At protests, virtuous immigrants can also be seen waving the flags of their homeland rather than the flag of their adoptive nation, which they sometimes burn in protest. These are the actions of conquerors, not loving immigrants. Examining the differences between the two types of house guest helps shed some light on the why this behavior is occurring.



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