The Moral High Ground, Part 2
Posted on: 01/18/2019 07:18 PM

by John Young

One of the more ingenious tactics of our enemy is to reward European-Americans as individuals for behaviors that destroy European-Americans as a group.

In the first part of this series, we examined what the moral high ground is, why we need it, and the real-world consequences of not claiming that territory. In this part, we’re going to look at the mechanisms in place, either natural or artificial, that keep us from that objective. In this, I am speaking more specifically about European Americans United and organizations with a similar bent, rather than the broader pro-white or white nationalist movement as a whole, although there are some important interactions between those segments that are germane to the discussion.

A concept I have discussed before is Dynamic Silence. It is a doctrine that was adopted back in the 1950’s, and is specifically a technique for destroying the legitimacy of nationalist political factions. The gist of the technique is that if a nationalist does something that is neutral or good, it is ignored. If the nationalist does something bad, it is shouted from the rooftops. If the nationalist does something good and for some reason reporting it cannot be avoided, then it is couched in such prejudicial terms that any good is ignored.

Practically any situation where nationalists make the news can be spun in an unflattering way. Even such innocuous slogans as “It’s Ok to be White” have literally inspired calls to the FBI, law enforcement investigations, protests and breathless reporting of “hate” and “Nazis.” It is impossible to get a fair hearing in the controlled media because even if your message is perfect, by the time an editor gets done and the creative camera work is completed, they can make Mother Teresa look like a butcher. Anything that comes to the attention of media becomes an opportunity to further destroy the legitimacy of nationalists and nationalism.

This creates a trap called a “cycle of delegitimization” wherein the more nationalists try to escape the trap, the more they lose whatever legitimacy they have. This is similar to responding to accusations of racism by denial – the more you deny, the more “guilty” you appear because by answering at all, you have granted them the powers of definition and judgment.

Too often, people in the broader pro-white movement play right into their hands. Although the “It’s Okay to Be White” slogan was genius and put the controlled media in a tight spot that forced them to reveal their true anti-white agenda, most activism that has come to public attention has been far less subtle.

Again, keep in mind what the doctrine of Dynamic Silence predicts that our enemies will do. If we have twenty instances of activism, and nineteen of them raise the dead and heal the sick, they will ignore those and instead put forth that twentieth unflattering instance for public scrutiny. If they can’t find an unflattering instance, they will spin one of the nineteen in a negative way. For example, if you arrive at a highway crash and render CPR to one of the victims, the one to whom you did not render CPR, because you only have two arms, will be highlighted as someone whose plight you ignored. Instead of a headline that reads “Fearless Nationalist Saves Dying Man” it will instead read “Callous Nationalist Ignores Baby as it Dies.” The slogan that there is “no such thing as bad publicity” may apply to consumer goods, but was not written with Dynamic Silence in mind.

Although we think of it as applying to the news, Dynamic Silence is applied across the board. That is to say, this doctrine applies to curriculum materials from kindergarten through graduate school. A great example is the subject of lynching. Hardly anyone alive today realizes that, during the time lynchings were common, the majority of the people lynched were white. Instead, even among those on the right, their conception of lynching is that of a tool used to selectively terrorize Africans. The reality, of course, is that lynching was used in dealing with people of any race either in an area where no effective government existed, or in instances where corruption would allow the guilty to endanger the public. This is just one small aspect of the power of curricula. Moreover, we are now on our third generation of teachers who were, themselves, taught using such materials and as a result they are not even aware they are spreading lies.

People are not aware unless they specifically look into it, but a college cannot even be accredited in the United States unless its curriculum includes such deception. And this works all the way down to preschools which are legally required to represent “diversity” in all of their materials, even in those remote places where the student body is homogeneous. And this material ignores, for example, the more noble and important reasons for the original founding of the KKK, and instead concentrates its analysis on cherry-picked instances of less-than-laudable behavior.

And just as with the news, curriculum materials will take cherry-picked examples of less-than-laudable behavior, and construe them to be representative of all people who hold pro-white views, rather than attributable to the individual. Thus a miasma is created surrounding pro-white views, from the time a kid is in preschool, associating beliefs that at one time were perfectly normal and well-adjusted with murder and mayhem.

And it goes even further. Aside from outright propaganda common in movies, magazines and music, the entertainment industry automatically incorporates Dynamic Silence into their productions as well. Whether it is a movie in which the villains are stereotyped “Nazis” or an “after school special” where the bully is white, Dynamic Silence is even incorporated into wholly fictional narratives.

Because our brains evolved for millions of years before motion picture technology, they incorporate what we experience through screens into our memories just as though it were real life. And even though, in the moment, we recognize the screen to be fictional, the narratives it presents, the stories and the emotions become a part of our experience from which we define ourselves.

And because of this, it is common to see politicians mentioning every conceivable group of people as being their constituency … except white people. Even Donald Trump must refer to us obliquely as “the forgotten men and women.” It is okay to mention the desire to help Africans, or gays, or women (broadly). But to even mention the desire to help white people would immediately associate the offending politician with 80 years of targeted pervasive propaganda. Which is why one of our politicians, for merely appreciating Western Civilization, under that name, was recently unanimously censured.

Given this environment, the Apostles of Epic Evil are then able to deny us all aid and comfort by making use of just a couple of aspects of human nature. To see how this is done, let’s look at four groups of people – mostly people we seek to help – who do not support us.

1. Some members of the general public are fully educated as to our true positions, and nevertheless disagree with them. That is, they genuinely hate white people and believe we ought not exist. For proof, look at the negative reactions to the fliers simply stating that “It’s Okay to Be White,” including calling in the FBI, as if merely saying such a thing were criminal.

Nothing we can do in the near term will change this attitude among people of other races. This is a natural consequence of combining diversity with a cultural Marxist victimhood Olympics wherein everyone gets to blame their every hangnail or personal or cultural failure on white people.

Although you’d think none of these people would be white, you’d be wrong in thinking that. One of the more ingenious tactics of our enemy is to reward European-Americans as individuals for behaviors that destroy European-Americans as a group. So quite a few European-Americans earn a comfortable living from attacking the very existence of their own group. They are generously rewarded both financially and within their own social circles. Furthermore, because of these incentives, they will deliberately twist and distort our goals and positions to enhance demonization.

Most people who call themselves “journalists,” no matter their background, fall into this category, along with quite a few in NGOs, academia, corporate human resource departments and the entire diversity industry. Just think of Tim Wise. He has been around the block enough times to know we’re not evil, yet literally makes a living by portraying us as such. Once identified, such people can never be trusted and should be avoided at all costs. Do not believe the adage that “all publicity is good publicity.”

2. Some members of the general public know only what they see on television, hear in school, or read in the most sanitized corners of social media, and BELIEVE they know our true positions. In reality, they only know what those in the first group tell them. But what people believe is what predicts their choices, not what is true. So in practice, those who fall into this group behave very much like those of the first. It is very difficult to reach these people with a “complete” message because they have been programmed in such a way as to react with instinctive revulsion to certain ideas and even certain words. Just saying “white people” in front of them inspires a visceral negative reaction.

Though you’d expect such people to be uniformly leftists, this is not the case. In fact, you see this to a very high degree among establishment Republican voters, Christian activists, gun rights activists and even patriot and militia groups. The infamous “Constitution Defense Militia,” whose leader was taken into custody a few years ago, flew a banner including the Muslim crescent and the Star of David, and was vehemently “anti-racist.” Numerous Christian churches and groups have fallen victim to social justice infiltration which has radically misinterpreted the racial aspects of the Bible for a couple of generations.

As a result, these “right wingers” fall into the very ironic position of believing their own moral virtue depends upon their conformity to a world view established by their enemies. As a result, their activism is limited to impotent fringe issues where they pose no risk to their oppressors.

Though leftists and establishment rightists will participate in your lynching, counting it as virtue, the right is more persuadable. By virtue of the fact they believe in values that transcend the narrative they have internalized, they can be reached, but to do so requires finesse. This is not a place to “philosophize with a hammer.” Attempts to reach them via George Lincoln Rockwell’s methods will result in their further alienation, and their reactions will be indistinguishable from members of the first group.

Instead, they must be approached on the basis of shared values and goals, demonstrating that our agendas are not merely compatible, but that the achievement of ours is a prerequisite to the achievement of theirs. This is not difficult, because it is true and it is the way many have migrated from libertarian perspectives to ours. Once you see the truth that demography will determine whether the first and second amendments have meaning in the future, you can’t unsee it.

3. Of course, everyday leftists likewise fall into a similar category in that they believe the leftist/globalist narrative. But they take it a step further in that they allow the assessment of their own value to be measured by their conformity to the leftist/globalist narrative. Because this is the only measure they have to see themselves as “good,” they will resist all attempts at persuasion because to be persuaded is to reject their own value as people.

Though it is fun to present information to these people that they find offending, and they can serve as foils for presenting information to others, they will never be persuaded.

Keep in mind that “only the inferior crave equality.” No matter their position or income, these are under-men and as such they seek to tear down all that is true, beautiful and right so that their own failings are less apparent. They will make common cause with the destruction of their own people because they believe equality with a mindless horde is preferable to where they would fall within a meritocratic hierarchy.

4. The quiet. The very very quiet. They are hunting sabre-toothed wabbits. Jokes aside, these are people who know we are right, agree with us and wish us well, but stay firmly ensconced in their closets. Sometimes, these are our guys in positions of influence who serve as intelligence assets for our cause and sources of funding, and whose silence serves a very worthwhile purpose. But far more often, these people are either frightened by a misunderstanding of pervasive surveillance, or turned off by more radical-appearing people within the broader “pro-white” movement.

The power of this latter aspect cannot be underestimated. I know good, solid, successful pro-European-American individuals who would be a tremendous asset to our efforts who have held back because they are repulsed by online personalities who would seemingly take joy in bathing in the blood of Jewish toddlers or cackle with glee over machine-gunning a black man for merely being black.

Although, as an organization, European Americans United has always stood against the genocide of ANY group, including our own, and we have always refrained from dehumanizing other groups, quite frankly our approach is drowned out due to certain aspects of human nature. Specifically, negative information is recalled 700% more effectively than positive information. So if you have one man taking a reasoned approach standing next to a man demanding the indiscriminate stabbing of children, it will appear to an observer that our point of view is outnumbered 7 to 1. Our enemies take advantage of this, of course, by making sure the most extreme of fringe elements get maximum exposure. This makes it appear as though reasonable pro-European-American individuals are practically non-existent, when in reality we are a majority.

Now, let’s talk about reaching these people and changing their hearts and minds. Stay tuned for Part III!

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