The Consequences of Indoctrination
Posted on: 11/20/2019 02:50 PM

by John Young

“This is what they used to do to us. This is what they did to us during slavery. They used to beat us and whip us ... She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery ...”

A common saying on the right is that “ideas have consequences.” This is most certainly the case. The above quote comes from Temar Bishop, an African American, in association with his rape of a brainwashed European-American woman who voluntarily accompanied him to the rooftop of a Bronx apartment building in the wee hours of the morning.

What the victim of this crime did not know, and could not have known because it is never reported, is that white women are raped by non-white men about 20,000 times every year. Nearly 1,000 white people are murdered my non-whites annually in America. And every year, a staggering one million white people suffer criminal violence such as assaults and battery from non-whites. But she could not have known that, because she lives in a deliberately created bubble of false information. Instead of knowing the truth, she had been brainwashed intensively through schools and television to ignore her own instincts and fulfill an obligation to “abolish racism” by putting herself into a dangerous situation.

And this is the first side of the propaganda. The identity of the victim is not public, but we know that she is a 20 year old woman of European ancestry. And we can be quite sure that in the schools of the Bronx, she was fed a heaping helping of white guilt, chased with a dessert of “abolishing whiteness” for nearly her entire life. Quite likely, every time she watched TV, she received further indoctrination in her innate moral inferiority – the original sin of being born white – along with endless advocacy of race mixing.

In her school, she likely learned that the quickest path to effortless virtue, to being at least temporarily acquitted of the most grievous sin of “racism,” was to date men who are of any ancestry but her own. This won her the approval of all authority figures and let her feel like a “good person.”

So within the pervasive propasphere in which she was raised, she was taught everything destructive to her own self worth, everything against her building genuine value, and a moral system that rewarded her own self destruction. The one thing she was never told, is that the last place she should ever have been, was on a rooftop in the company of a young black man on parole.

The second side of the propashpere is the incessant and pervasive anti-white victimology that permeates schools and media, teaching all non-whites that the only reason they aren’t all billionaires is because of historical crimes by white people, white privilege and systemic racism. In fact, someone being born white at all is portrayed as proof of a moral inferiority so great as to make the person subhuman, and undeserving of humane treatment.

Naturally, the insanely high suicide rate of these supposedly privileged white people is never mentioned, nor is the fact that most white people live paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by. Instead, the plight of non-whites is contextualized against people in the top 1% of income (a group that disproportionately does NOT self-identify as white), with white people as a whole being blamed for keeping non-whites out of that rarefied atmosphere.

And to be sure, the situation for African-Americans is poor. And although it is tempting for the racially aware to blame all disparity of outcome on racial differences, it is quite clear that some of the family destruction and associated problems faced by African-Americans are caused by deliberate government interventions. But these interventions are not anything white people had a say in imposing, and are also overwhelmingly sought by African-Americans who have been misled by an educational system that is implicitly culturally Marxist in service to globalist masters.

For example, if you were to ask African-Americans if they favor Affirmative Action, you would find overwhelming support. But by making women an affirmative action category, that system has created entire bureaucracies filled by African and Latin women, to the overwhelming exclusion of African men from those opportunities. Thus, the very Affirmative Action they want, which was already morally questionable even if implemented sensibly, excludes African-American men from the workforce with downhill effects that make them redundant in a Marxist family where the woman is married to the state through either her job, or public assistance.

Given that the single largest predictor of involvement with crime, poor academic performance and drug use is the presence or absence of the biological father, the outcome of this is predictable and, quite likely, intentional. I say “intentional” since similar systems (albeit not on an ethnic basis) were set up when the USSR was founded. This creates entire cycles of family and social dysfunction which, most definitely, gives African Americans a hard time, and that is but one example.

But what all of these interventions have in common is that the harm they work is not, of course, blamed on those who impose them, but rather on European-Americans who have little say in their imposition and have generally opposed them when given an opportunity.

A subtext, usually unspoken, runs through nearly all identity politics of non-white groups: white people are to blame for everything, and white people deserve to be punished, and don’t deserve to live. Temar Bishop merely spoke those words out loud.

He’s obviously not the brightest bulb. Although he should certainly be held fully accountable for his crime, it should also be understood that media, the school system and the government are all accomplices.

He is also predicting the next phase of something very sinister.

Based on the false premise of equality, there is currently a movement throughout the country to reduce non-white incarceration rates. NOT through the reduction in crime, but through the non-prosecution of crimes committed by non-whites, by releasing criminals from prison early, and by punishing white victims of non-white perpetrators who call the police when under threat. There is an underlying subtext that crime is not really crime, so long as the victim of that crime is a white person who, by virtue of that original sin, deserves whatever might be perpetrated upon them.

And this is what Tamar Bishop was saying. He is merely the leading edge. So as much as possible, avoid dangerous situations with people who will be allowed to harm you with impunity, and have been led through indoctrination to believe harming you is even a virtuous act. And, most importantly, do everything you can to make sure white kids understand the truth, so they don’t also put themselves in danger.

Illustration is of graffiti in the Bronx, and is the work of Azek. Illustration used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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