TENT: List of Companies Pushing and Rewarding "Refugee" Immigration to the West
Posted on: 06/24/2019 01:16 AM

"Generali, through the Human Safety Net, is empowering refugees to set up 500 new businesses by 2020. Starting in Germany and France, refugees can access a competitive 6-8 month program of incubation, training and funding to equip them with the skills, resources and tools for becoming successful entrepreneurs."

No word yet on extending this kind of investment & assistance to Europeans in dire need of the same "empowerment." Or to the White South Africans for that matter.

List HERE and much more.

TENT: List of Companies Pushing and Rewarding "Refugee" Immigration to the West

Let's face a few facts here.

The college-educated, globalist corporate Left has a stunning degree of contempt for poor Whites. They’re willing to make sympathetic noises and make huge investments to poor "people of color" in order to appear virtuous while at the same time expanding their profits--which is the bottom line anyway.

As you can see in the link above, TENT is taking full advantage of Barack Obama's 2016 decree that private businesses can and should do more on behalf of 'refugees.'

We have to wonder though: would Obama's decree have been so enthusiastic and TENT so accommodating if the current waves of 'refugees' were instead streaming from Europe and the United States into non-white regions?

In a case like that it would not be diversity, it would be displacement.

Just remember: to paraphrase what Irish revolutionary Éamon de Valera famously stated: ‘We defeat the System' -- in this case the companies who are TENT members-- 'by ignoring it.’

Carry on.

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