Sign of the Times: Death Wish
Posted on: 05/03/2019 06:56 AM

The Cultural Marxists keep telling you that the eventual displacement and replacement of White Americans is an 'alt-right' conspiracy theory worthy of scorn--while at the same time they are crowing with pride that its actually happening. On purpose.

Now what?

Controlling the media gives you the power to literally ethnically cleanse an entire civilization and have them stay put by telling them "hey you are not being ethnically cleansed at all you are simply 'achieving diversity' and this makes you 'strong' "

On the day the Democratic Socialists and their puppet masters the Cultural Marxists are finally smashed, it's hold will be broken forever. The US has never been beaten because of the strength of our opponents, but always because of our own vices, and the enemies behind the scenes in our own country.

And at some point we have to realize that talking and voting doesn't work any more.

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