Shrieks of Horror That Germans and Others Are Fed Up With Islam
Posted on: 01/19/2015 07:24 AM

The following screed outlines what multiculturalists call 'hate,' which to them actually means the inability of Whites to simply roll over and accept whatever swarthy alien manifestation comes their way. In other words, Cultural Marxists and Social Justice Warriors (SJW's) simply cannot understand why decades of media and education brainwashing has not fully paid off in their quest for utopia, i.e. the subjugation and eventual replacement of the White West. Eye-opening.

ARTICLE: Hateful and here: German Anti-Islam extremists rally in Glasgow in bid to recruit Scots

GERMAN anti-Islamic group Pegida have been growing rapidly since the Paris terror attacks. Now a Scottish wing has emerged with organisers visiting Glasgow last week.

A GERMAN anti-Islamic group linked with the murder of a refugee have launched a recruitment drive in Scotland.

(NOTE: There is no link established in this article. For all we know the poor poor Ertirean was most likely knifed by one of his fellow parasites. --Ed)

Dresden-based ­Pegida have been growing rapidly since the Paris terrorist attacks which left 17 people dead .

They only launched a few months ago but tens of thousands of people have marched in cities across Germany in support of Pegida – which stands for Patriotic Europeans Against the ­Islamisation of the Occident.

Now a Scottish wing has emerged and we can reveal German organisers ­visited Glasgow last week with plans to stage an anti-Islam demonstration.

Opponents claim they are attached to violent right-wing ­extremists and football hooligan groups.

Eritrean refugee Khaled Idris Bahray was stabbed to death hours after 40,000 people joined a weekly Pegida demo in Dresden on Monday night.

Shrieks of Horror That Germans and Others Are Fed Up With Islam

Khaled lived with other asylum ­seekers and a swastika with the warning, “We’ll get you all” was scrawled on their front door three days before he was ­murdered.

The Pegida pair were in Glasgow last ­weekend and visited pubs where they tried to recruit members.

A Pegida Scotland and North East ­England Facebook page was launched early last Sunday.

One source said: “The two German guys were being shown around a few of the city’s bars by another man who was acting as their guide.

“They met other ­people and were ­talking about the Pegida movement and how they were looking to establish links in Scotland.”


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