Review: White Date
Posted on: 03/19/2018 01:45 AM

by John Young

To generate is to build or create in an ongoing way. Degeneracy tears down family, tears down standards, tears down all that is beautiful, good and truthful.

You can see degeneracy quite obviously in a transexual demon reading books to kids in a library, or an overweight lesbian with a butch haircut and facial piercings. These manifestations are obvious. Less obvious to the eyes, but more important, is the degeneracy that manifests itself through hookup culture, easy divorce, rampant infidelity, pervasive prostitution and what modern manifestations of feminism have done to marriage.

Supporting the two-parent European-American family is a key value of our organization, but our people face serious hurdles in this endeavor that make it hard for ethnic activists to live their most dearly held beliefs through marrying and raising families.

Let’s be clear. Nearly every person in America is indoctrinated from pre-school all the way through college with a mindset that automatically equates even the most benign of pro-European-American sentiments with being a moral monster. And, in fact, people gain status – effortless virtue – by signaling opposition to such sentiments.

So if you believe in explicitly dating someone of your own ancestry – and you happen to be white – merely having the audacity to state that belief out loud can get you fired from your job and will make most potential mates run from you at 100 miles per hour. Trying to approach these issues in a dating context can be like dodging land mines.

People who become red-pilled after they have married can face serious challenges as well. Men are reasonably expected to be protectors in their marriages. While forwarding ethnic causes is long-term protection to be sure, in the short term being an ethnic activist actually increases risk and thereby brings values into conflict unless one’s spouse is 100% behind him.

If your partner chose you before you were red-pilled, introducing racial beliefs into the marriage can bring a serious strain to the relationship or force its dissolution altogether. I know many people who have to keep their racial beliefs either hidden from their partners, or who have to seriously curtail any participation in order to preserve their marriages. It is a very tough situation to face.

Matters are no easier for people who are red-pilled before marriage, because being red-pilled means you are looking for a partner who at least accepts that you hold to a vilified philosophy and will nevertheless commit to you and have children in a situation where their status could be seriously reduced and it would be more difficult to support them.

These are serious hurdles I have discussed at length with a number of our members over a long period of time. But they are just that: hurdles. To hurdle you learn correct form and train hard so you can three-step as you clear ten in a row to the finish line.

One solution to this conundrum for single people is a dating website that is only for your own ethnicity, and by virtue of this pre-selection everybody there is already at least somewhat red-pilled or willing to accept someone who explicitly desires a white partner. While this doesn’t solve all relationship problems – relationships are skills in their own right – it definitely bypasses the initial hurdles.

For several months now I have been watching a fledgling project called White Date, expecting that like numerous similar efforts in the past, it would disappear soon. But it never disappeared. Usually these efforts are gone within a month. And I also noticed that the person running it is quite sharp, and committed to the two-parent heterosexual European family in a traditional sense.

With this in mind, I had a discussion with the owner and signed up for the site, and looked around.

The first thing that impressed me is that the site is run by someone who is honest.

Dating sites routinely inflate the number of female participants either through setting up fake profiles or hiring people to pretend to be these nonexistent women. A common ploy is after a man signs up for a free account, he receives a message from a woman, but he can’t read the message unless he sets up a paid account. The woman who sent that message is, of course, fake.

White Date did not do that, and instead lets the numbers be seen explicitly. Bad news: men outnumber women by nearly 4:1. But again, don’t let this dissuade you. Not every woman is suitable for every man or vice versa. As this grows, there will also be more choices available.

There is another thing that impressed me about this dating site: the existence of group discussions on matters of common interest.

Too often, dating sites work like this: Pretty girl puts up profile, gets messages from 100 guys in 3 days. She only responds to five of them. I have run dating sites in the past and I can tell you that even a man meeting a woman’s stated criteria 100% has only a 1 in 20 chance of having a message answered unless he is quite extraordinary. Nineteen out of twenty men are outright excluded without even a word. A survey on Plenty of Fish (a standard dating site I emphatically do not recommend) demonstrated that the men on the site rated 50% of the women as below average, but due to the dynamics of the way the site worked, the women rated fully 80% of the men as below average.

Because of this dynamic in dating sites, I have generally recommended that men avoid them, and instead learn from a course such as Ars Amorata (I am one of the Amorati myself) how to approach women in person.

But group discussion adds an entirely new dimension. It creates an opportunity for people to interact and see each other interact. It gives insight into personality and character, and can create an environment where people will talk to each other when, if it were strictly a private message, it might have been ignored. This is why the sex ratio on the site doesn’t bother me.

Another important aspect of the site is a specific appeal to the traditional two-parent white family. Such an appeal automatically weeds out people who are not serious. It creates a pre-selection bias toward people who hold value systems that are compatible with successful marriage.

Also good news for single men and women who happen to be reading this: Right now, there are roughly 700 members on the site. I spoke with the owner, and she said that because she is trying to grow the site, the first 2,000 members will be eligible for a free account.

I hate to do this, but now I have to address some practical concerns.

The mere fact I have positively reviewed White Date here is going to bring it to the attention of Apostles of Epic Evil: the SPLC, the ADL, Antifa and a whole host of other bad actors. They are VERY likely to sign up for the site so they can correlate whatever pictures they can find in order to dox you. That is not a fault of the site itself – it is part of the nature of living under a regime that desires our genocide.

In the case of violence-prone organizations such as Antifa – to whose acts of violence our government turns a blind eye – they might even try to arrange a date and use that opportunity to accomplish physical violence or set you up to take the fall for a crime.

As an organization, we pride ourselves on protecting the safety of our members first and foremost. So here are our suggestions for you:

1. List a town within 50 miles of where you live, but not the real town. Keep your age correct, but list your birthday a few days off from your real one.

2. Do not post a picture of yourself unless you have blotted out identifiable features.

3. Be careful how much you reveal about yourself online, but be honest about things such as your appearance, your height, your weight, your profession, drug use, etc.

4. You can setup a free SMS address for texting using the TextNow app, so that way you don’t reveal your real number, which can be used to compromise your identity.

5. Arrange at least the first three dates in public places. Meet them there – do not pick them up or have them pick you up.

6. Once you are comfortable with less structured dates, until this has resulted in a betrothal, let a friend or family member know where you are going, who you will be with, and when you expect to return.

7. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into anything that is unwise just because you don’t want the other person to feel insulted. If they ask, show them this article – if they are worth dating, they will respect your safety.

I have discussed my safety concerns with the owner of WhiteDate.Net, and she will also be putting some safety warnings in the website.

Overall, in my review of the site, I was impressed. I believe a site like this can help overcome the difficulty that some of our people face when searching for a mate. So if you are single and looking to settle down, the account is free until the first 2,000 members have signed up.

Eventually this site won’t be free for male members – because it costs money to have software customized, run servers and dynamically deal with DDOS attacks, etc. So now is the time to get in!

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