Review: The Mamas and the Pepes, Dissident Ditties
Posted on: 08/28/2018 03:55 AM

by John Young

I’ve written extensively on economics in the past, but a couple of aspects bear on why you’re seeing a fair number of reviews here on Western Voices World News.

The first is that globalization is putting enormous pressure on shrinking the American middle class. Those who might have the merit and intellect, but not he connections to reach the upper class find themselves in the lower classes. Because of the way the diversity industry is structured as well as affirmative action, this makes European Americans unique compared to other ethnic groups in America: it is only among our Folk that you will find literal geniuses in the bottom half of the income curve.

If someone is Black, Hispanic, Asian or Jewish and has an IQ of even 115, much less 130, they are well and fully employed, often in the top 5% of earners. But European-Americans at all IQ levels find themselves denied opportunity at every level from kindergarten through college, and including employment even with superior qualifications.

The second is that due to the shock represented by Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, the financial heat has been turned up on people with right-wing views. Although this is most publicized regarding platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, it also includes deliberately (and usually permanently) depriving people of the ability to earn a living in the standard economy, along with even shutting down their ability to be funded through GoFundMe or even to accept credit cards or Paypal for goods and services.

Although this is an obvious short term disadvantage, it also conveys a long-term advantage if we are willing to take the initiative: we have a ready pool of extremely talented people with every possible skill standing ready to build institutions parallel to those controlled by our enemies. If these intelligent and talented people were fully engaged in the regular economy, they’d have little energy left to dedicate to building these parallel institutions. But as it is, our musicians can’t get work in that field, a huge percentage of our people are under-employed and minimally challenged, and then there are those who have no choice but to work outside the normal economy.

No matter the circumstance, an absolutely key thing for our long term interests is that whenever explicitly pro-European-American people undertake an economic and/or artistic endeavor, they need to be promoted, cross-promoted and supported. Obviously, there will be cases when whatever they produce is not something we want or need. But when it IS something we would enjoy, we need to insert a pry bar into our wallets and pony up. This is why you see me writing reviews.

Our regular readers and EAU members know me, and they know our Statement of Ethics, so you can rest assured my reviews are not padded and fluffed to promote work of inferior quality. As members of EAU we strive for quality in ourselves, and we both expect and promote it in others.

With the foregoing out of the way, let’s dive into The Mamas and the Pepes!

Purged from Twitter (which means they must be doing something right), The Mamas and the Pepes describe themselves as a “dissident duo.” They started out writing parodies of existing songs which were clever and fun, but the album “Dissident Ditties” represents all original work.

As their name suggests, their music is similar to that of The Mamas and the Papas. With few exceptions, most songs on the track are accompanied primarily by acoustic guitar, and have a distinctly folk but upbeat feel. The songs are short, generally between 1:30 and 2:30. But they are catchy, fun and most importantly, they make you smile.

The songs are smart, sassy, in touch with modern phrases and their implications, as well as current events. In spite of mainly being the kinds of songs that make you smile or even chuckle, there are some serious subjects discussed including the role of degeneracy in keeping us distracted from our plight, the nature of hate crime hoaxes, bombings by Muslim terrorists and more. The magic of their song writing is that they manage to convey these rather serious subjects in a fashion that isn’t a black pill, but rather raises awareness.

For example, in discussing terror bombings: “If they ain't hit ya yet, well there's still time but them 72 virgins won't wait for long.” Regarding the ubiquitous hoax hate crimes: “Hate Crime Hoax, They pay Blacks & Jews & Muslims the most, So if you need your race hate sub-sid-ized, Have yourself a Hate Crime Hoax.”

On the other hand are some incredibly catchy songs. An absolute favorite of mine, sung as a duet is “Memory Hole.” A close second place goes to “Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,” followed closely by “Tax Farm Blues.” These are just my favorites but there is not a single dud on the entire album. Unless you’re an android, I can guarantee that if you listen to this album, you’ll find yourself humming at least one of these songs.

With the exception of an electric guitar on a couple of tracks, this album is completely acoustic and minimally processed. The woman in the duo does most of the singing, but the man makes several great appearances and they complement each other well. One thing that really stands out for me is that even though it’s unlikely this was recorded in a high tech studio, they took care to execute the basics perfectly. As a result, vocals are crisp, clean and full. The guitar never sounds muddy, which is a really common problem when recording the instrument. Likewise, the recording isn’t catching a lot of either string or pick noise.

In other words, this is a high quality album made with attention to detail so it sounds great.

Artistic expression is very solid. Both vocalists are very capable and work well within their capacities. They are beyond merely competent as the female vocals in particular are perfectly expressive. This is an artist who knows her craft. The same can be said for the guitar work. Although a lot of glory goes to rock-n-roll lead guitar, rhythm guitar carries its own challenges and has its own skills. The rhythm guitar work on this album is superb, and the classic country licks using electric guitar come off perfectly. Album art is done by an Art-Right artist whose fame is growing, Shannon Montague, who is a homeschooling mom of three.

In summary, this is a superbly produced, very well written and excellently performed album of original, mostly acoustic folk music. It has a distinctly upbeat feel, and if you have a pulse, you’re going to love this even if folk music isn’t usually “your thing.”

You can listen to all the songs before you buy them, but I’d definitely encourage you to buy and download the songs for your enjoyment offline. Listen and buy here. The Mamas and the Pepes are banned on Twitter, but you can follow them on Gab at @MamasPepes !

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