Review: Europa Sun, Vol 1 No 1
Posted on: 12/23/2017 09:18 PM

by John Young

Europa Sun is a new magazine published by Carolyn Emerick and dedicated to promoting European-American heritage.

Europa Sun is very clearly a cultural and artistic magazine with an academic but accessible bent. The publisher is clearly an Odinist, though she adopts a stance similar to ours in support of religious manifestations that are beneficial to our folk, whether indigenous or Christian. Most importantly, the general theme of the magazine is a romantic one -- that is, it portrays our Folk as we can and ought to be: with potential for heroism and courage.

The artistic bent of Europa Sun reflects this romantic sense-of-life not just in terms of articles, but through judicious selection of pre-Raphaelite and Romantic illustrations and poetry.The paintings of William Boughuereau, Edmong Blair Leighton and John William Waterhouse among many others figure prominently. Even without articles, the artwork alone is beautiful and inspiring as it connects our past, present and future.

The selection of poetry is from modern European-American poets, and features the work of Ms. Emerick, Juleigh Howard-Hobson (a personal favorite)and Faustian.

Several authors are featured in this inaugural issue of the magazine. All of the articles are well-written, and those that challenge prevailing orthodoxy on history include bibliographic references for sources.

This also seems to be an important aspect of the magazine. European-Americans, throughout their schooling, are treated to a version of history intended to shame them and justify their dissolution and replacement. The articles in Europa Sun debunk these false narratives.

One thing that impressed me is that such articles did not replace a false negative narrative with a false positive one. Instead, the false negative narratives our Folk are taught are replaced with narratives that are, as best as can be determined, historically factual. This is important because any faith based on something false is easily destroyed -- and the rebirth of our culture must be based on facts.

A notable article in this category uncovers the truth about the Crusades -- countering narratives pressed by atheists, modern Islamists and schools generally. Another article in this category explores the phenomenon of white women being kidnapped by American Indians during our settlement of the continent.

Not content with simply covering history, the magazine also covers some contemporary issues, including the rise of sex slavery in Europe that has accompanied the Muslim invasion as well as issues with Internet engagement on Twitter.

Europa Sun is rounded out with interesting articles about religion, art and reconnecting with our identity.

The production value of Europa Sun is high. It is not a "glossy slick" magazine -- which is all but impossible to produce cost effectively without large economies of scale. Instead it is more like a thin 8.5"x11" book, with every page in full color on thick 10-lb paper. This is not the kind of magazine you read and then throw away. Rather, it is something you will keep on a book shelf. This is especially so because most of the content is timeless.

This is a well-produced and flawlessly executed magazine with excellent content. I recommend it without reservation, not just for our own readers and members, but also as supplemental material for teens in school.

You can purchase the first issue of Europa Sun on Amazon by searching for "Europa Sun Vol 1."

Now that the review is over, I want to address an important aspect of this magazine.

I do not know if the publisher's real name is Carolyn Emerick or not, but I assume it is. Due to soft-totalitarianism where people with pro-European-American views are systematically destroyed economically and made unemployable -- no matter their skills and qualifications -- it is incredibly important that we support enterprises of this type.

People who take risks like this need to be able to earn a living. In this case, the publisher and authors are truly producing an excellent product that would be worthy of our patronage regardless. But the fact that its production entails risk for its producers at almost every level emphasizes the necessity of supporting them.

We MUST find a way around soft-totalitarian censorship that keeps our people from speaking the truth for fear of being unable to support their families. That means we need our own economic institutions so that we have a safety net.

This is an excellent product, and I encourage you to support it on the basis of its own merit, but also because it represents something our Folk need educationally as well as an enterprise sustaining the most courageous among us.

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