Red Pill / White Pill: Words From a Supporter
Posted on: 08/01/2020 12:01 AM

What we hope to be a new continuing contribution to Western Voices World News will be what we call 'Red Pill/White Pill,' wherein we encourage readers--members and non-members alike -- to share the moment when their racial awakening began, and circumstances and incidents considered post awakening. If you would like to see your words in print, contact us. Needless to say, extreme discretion for the safety of contributors will be strictly enforced.

I'm genuinely appreciative that you took the time to reply.

I completely understand the EAU/WVWN decisions to both not have a social meda presence or provide newsletters to non-members. The socio-political climate these days is getting ridiculous. I've been threatened and called a racist on social media for merely suggesting that dialogue trumps violence - a position that shouldn't even be remotely controversial. Honestly, I wouldn't even have a social media account if it weren't for staying in touch with family and close friends. I've considered a switch to alternate sites or something, but no one else I know wants to make the move. It's getting insane, though; and I've never seen so many openly avowed Marxists unabashedly declaring their hate for White people with the complicity of the media. I have fortunately found a few good pages to follow with like-minded folks, but they generally have to fly under the radar with "safer" names focused on movements with benign titles that only the most prescient will understand. But I completely, sincerely understand your decision.

I do thoroughly enjoy your articles on Western Voices World News, and have for quite a while. I'm not familiar with RSS, but I'll look for a reader and check that out. For now, I've at least set WVWN site as my homepage. I'll definitely take potential European Americans United membership into consideration. It's something I'll have to weigh carefully. I've had my wife brought into an argument before and another time, somehow, an Antifa guy figured out my real name on a message board where we were debating ethnic advocacy versus white advocacy. Despite the fact that I never used my real name to sign up I was pretty much threatened that if I didn't leave the conversation, where I live could be posted. Being that I have young kids, I pulled back a bit, but didn't leave. I was probably "given a reprieve" because I said I'd be willing to read Leonard Zeskind's Blood and Politics - which I haven't read yet. I don't really know how legit these anti-white threats are toward average Joe's like myself, but it is a factor in where I attach my name, so I certainly understand your rigorous requirements and vetting for membership.

Anyway, my apologies for rambling. Again I appreciate the reply and I will continue to enjoy the excellent articles on WVWN and of course to "in good faith, practice what we preach for the betterment of all."

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