Racist Rant Needs More Exposure
Posted on: 06/04/2013 03:23 PM

You all remember Emma West's 'racist rant' on a train in England that got her arrested and her child taken away? Of course you do, that video was passed around the net countless times.

But the media and the denizens of the internet haven't seen fit to give the video of this hideous creature the same treatment...Pass. It. On.


Natures iron laws instructs there really is nothing that says white Americans cannot cooperate in a constructive ethical and moral fashion with our own race in order to see it prosper. It will be incumbent upon you to instill in others that there is no man made law that applies to us in this regard, no law that says we CANNOT build maintain and improve an exclusively European / European American nation of people, regardless of where the borders are drawn--or not.


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