Protests Against White Separatism Group Planned at Park
Posted on: 04/08/2013 07:42 PM

It's okay for the ADL to spout anti-white hate. It's okay for the SPLC to spread anti-white hate. It's okay for LaRaza and MECHA and the NAACP to hate whitey.....but if some white guys want to have a conference the sky is falling and Poland is going to be invaded or something...

Two groups plan to protest an organization known for its white separatism and supremacist policies at Montgomery Bell State Park Friday and Saturday.

The annual conference for American Renaissance, which also goes by AmRen and labels its views as “race realism,” will be at the park’s conference center for the second straight year.

One protest group, the Coalition to Shut Down AmRen, in association with Austin Peay Students for a Democratic Society, plans a protest for Friday and Saturday outside the conference center.

Protests Against White Separatism Group Planned at Park

A second group, Not in Our State, plans a “counter conference” in the park Saturday at the office pavilion near the entrance off Highway 70.

AmRen produces a magazine and a website, which states that there are genetic and biological differences between whites and non-whites and that whites are superior both in intellect and personality. They aspire to a philosophy of eugenics, which advocates the improvement of inherited traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired people.

The group was forced to preemptively shut down their 2010 and 2011 conferences in other cities because of pressure on hotel managers from groups who oppose AmRen’s philosophy.

As a public park, Montgomery Bell is not in that position.

Meg Lockhart, spokesperson for the park, said the park is open to all of the public as long as they abide by park rules.

“Our primary goal is to ensure our park patrons understand that we appreciate their concerns and their patience. Clearly we value our customers,” said Lockhart. “Montgomery Bell State Park is a public park and state owned; we can’t discriminate against who can and can’t use the park’s facilities as long as groups and individuals follow the park’s policies and rules.”

Not in Our State, is billed as “a grassroots effort to confront white supremacy and hate.”

AmRen’s conference in Dickson comes a week after the Ku Klux Klan’s rally in Memphis on March 30. In September of last year, the national online virtual gathering space for white supremacy, Stormfront, held a national conference in East Tennessee.

The counter-conference organizers call the event “concerning” with regards to what they see as a racist trend in Tennessee.

“Not in Our State” media liaison Dorsey Malina said the speakers and academics were picked to counter AmRen’s message and specifically in Tennessee.

“AmRen is the kind of organization that we want to bring to light and educate people about. It’s happening right in our own backyard,” said Malina. “Tennessee is more tolerant than this, and we are embarrassed that AmRen believes Tennessee is an ideal place for white supremacy.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center ranks AmRen as a hate group. The SPLC is a nonprofit civil rights organization in Alabama, which is regularly referenced by major media outlets in determining which organizations can be described as a “hate group.”

However, AmRen leaders do not see it that way.

According to their website: “The problems of race cannot be solved without adequate understanding. Attempts to gloss over the significance of race or even to deny its reality only make problems worse. Progress requires the study of all aspects of race, whether historical, cultural, or biological. This approach is known as race realism.”

Not in Our State officials describe AmRen as a “white supremacists in business suits,” but they don’t blame the park.

“We don’t blame Montgomery Bell,” Malina said. “What we are at issue with is there is free speech and there is hate speech, which has been shown to be a precursor to violence, and we recognize that even though we differ with them, they also have a right to free speech.”

To date, about 15 academics and advocates for Not in Our State have signed on to make presentations, covering topics ranging from race and the death penalty to state efforts to criminalize immigrants to transphobia.

According to AmRen’s website, all rooms at Montgomery Bell are taken. They are advising participants to find other local hotels.


Not in Our State protest

Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the office pavilion at Montgomery Bell State Park

Coalition to Shut Down
AmRen protest

Friday 4-6 p.m.

Saturday 5:30-7 p.m.

(Both days outside the park conference center)

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