Political Ammo: Why The Weak Right Is Dead Wrong!
Posted on: 06/28/2020 05:54 PM

The left hates you. They want you gone. They want Whites gone. They want everything good about this world gone. Don't concede, don't budge. Be the "shitlord" they so hate you as. You might actually get some good results doing so.

NOTE: Previously published here in 2015, the following piece illustrates the current malaise of the "the Right" who are allowing and even assisting in the collapse of Western Civilization in America, and in the denigration of the people who were meant to uphold it. --ed.)

The cuckservative is the new RINO. But like too many in the alt-right, the cuckservative has a deeper narrative that mainstream rightists would find hard to get. Many denizens of TRS and the alt-right in general are likely to be acquainted with "cuckservative". It is to note the alt-right's frustration with the mainstream right and their kowtowing to the left while focusing on topics that don't matter or are detrimental to the political right. This term has even caught the attention of Radix and AmRen.

But some on the mainstream have caught on to this and aren't happy. The first case is Erik Erickson of RedState. He referenced Alfred W. Clark's article on the subject and came to the strange conclusion that those who use it are "against christian voters". The next case is a piggyback article from Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller. Essentially wishing the term won't be used like squish and RINO. Third, we have Shaun Kenny of Bearing Drift, who is also the worst of the three. Trashing those who use the term as "racist" populists and Trump fans.

Political Ammo: Why The Weak Right Is Dead Wrong!

All of them are basically making non-arguments and signalling as controlled opposition. Erik Erikson, for example: despite many in the alt-right being critical of or rejecting Christianity for understandable and justifiable reasons, he ignores the many alt-rightists who are racial nationalist and religious/christian, myself included. This part of the alt-right is angered that the mainstream religious and social conservative right has done little fighting in the culture war only to suck up for another ethnostate with another religion while not defending their own from its destruction.

With Matt Lewis. He notes that "By supporting immigration reform, criminal justice reform, etc., a white conservative is therefore surrendering his honor and masculinity". This is a correct argument. "Immigration reform" is just fluff to legitimize and expand the disastrous immigration of non-whites into the US. "Criminal justice reform" is just basically letting out criminals who are mainly non-white. A white conservative supporting this will not gain one anti-racist bona fide with the left but only alienation and confusion with the base.

Lastly, with Shaun Kenny. He derides populists and the Trump train while not knowing why this is so. For a candidate like Trump and his popularity to exist in the first place is to acknowledge the utter frustration many in the GOP base have with the establishment, let alone what the alt-right thinks of them all. When you see the left destroying this country but the rightist party you affiliate with at large doesn't do anything to stop this, even telling you that this is OK, it is not too hard to get why a person like Trump is atop at the polls.

This debate about cuckservative only reveals a deeper issue with the mainstream right that all three have in common. This debate is not new. If anyone knows about the Paleoconservative vs. Neoconservative debate, then this is basically the successor. With both paleoconservatives and the alt-right, they see the mainstream right as nothing but a farce. While they lost or ignore topics like race, nativism and the culture war, they have an obsession with neoliberal economics and neocon geopolitics yet they don't even win on that.

People like Erikson, Lewis and Kenny don't come out of thin air. This has been a progression of the political right since its inception. Each generation of rightist has to deal with this or that leftist crusadism and this give-and-take game has given the right few to no wins. This is exacerbated in the US because of baby boomers. Thanks to them growing up in the hellhole we call the 1960s, they set the stage for the lack of substance in the mainstream right. It's hard to tell what the centre-right stand for these days.

But to the mainstream right, giving up on these issues will show others that the right can gain relevance, gain popularity and show that we "care". Let me tell you why this is wrong. The left has a commitment to destroy the right. Many cuckholds think that by giving their wives up to other men, their wives will love them more. But their wives will just leave them to be physically and eventually emotionally attached to the other men. So leaving this civilization to non-whites, degenerates and assorted leftard idiots won't show that you are saving said civilization. You merely gave the go ahead for its demise.

If your goal is just winning elections to support a small caveat of vague proposals such as "the free market", "small government" and the like while giving the left victories in everything else to show that you're "cool" to certain parts of the left's base, I am sorry to say you won't win. Like I said, the left has a commitment in destroying the right and everything any and all rightist stand for. Take Bernie Sanders as an example, who doesn't mind labeling a moderate like Jeb Bush "far right". Or Tommy Christopher of the Daily Banter, who merely thinks cuckservative is applied to those who are still "racist" but aren't "racist Enough for Donald Trump fans". Take a look at his previous articles and you will see that he doesn't mind latching "racism" on to people like Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley or Joe Scarborough.

So mainstream rightists, keep telling yourselves that you need the non-white and minority vote to win while they never vote for you. Keep telling yourselves that by losing the culture war, you will win in economics. Keep praising a Negro communist philanderer while telling everyone that "Democrats are the real racists, they supported slavery and Jim Crow" while blacks still call you 'racists'. Keep being under the delusion that Fascism and Nazism were "left-wing" while all the facts show the opposite and the left accuse you of being no better than the Axis. Keep supporting and cucking for Israel while Jews keep voting Democrat and the Israelis don't care about you. Keep being under the myth that by giving in to the left, they will agree with you on something. They won't and they never will.

In conclusion, to any milquetoast nationalists, cuckservatives and mainstream rightists reading this, Stop. You are not going to win with the left using their playbook. You win by bashing their heads to the wall. As a proud edgelord and political rightist myself, I'm not saying to go full Axis powers. Just study politics better. There are things about modern politics you were not told. The rightists of the past tried to do good and told the truth about the political left and its cohorts. Don't vilify a fellow rightist with "racist baggage". Either support them or look the other way while not tolerating leftist outrage. The left hates you. They want you gone. They want Whites gone. They want everything good about this world gone. Don't concede, don't budge. Be the "shitlord" they so hate you as. You might actually get some good results doing so.

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