Where We Stand on Violence
Posted on: 08/29/2019 07:11 AM

The existential misery of far too many white men will not be heard, because allowing these men a voice would contradict the all-important narratives of the powers that be. Every attempt a young white man might make to call attention to his plight, or the plight of his people, is laughed at, labeled with a mental illness, or used as an excuse to mistreat him even further.

However, violent retaliation is not the answer.

by Board of Directors, European Americans United

The board of directors of EAU condemns, without reservation, the use of lethal force against unarmed persons. We condemn such violence no matter the name in which it is done – whether it is done in the name of Islam (San Bernardino), in the name of Anti-Fascism (Dayton) or White Nationalism (El Paso). These acts were unjustified, cruel, and they wreak havoc on society as a whole.

And this is part of the clue. There are millions of people who have lived their entire lives adhering to some ideological perspective: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Communism, Zionism, White Nationalism, environmental issues, and more. And 99.99% of them never raise a hand against the innocent, much less work deadly harm. This tells us that the ideology itself is not causal. That is, people do what they wish to do, and then use an ideology to justify it. Heated rhetoric is one thing. But resorting to violence is something else.

History shows us that there is hardly a religion or ideology in existence that someone has not used to justify some criminal act. But does that mean all these ideologies drive terrorism? No. It means people inclined to work terror, for whatever actual reason (which they might not themselves understand) will seize upon an ideology both to justify themselves, and to try to make their acts look moral in the eyes of others. Therefore, the individual himself should be held accountable for whatever unacceptable act he perpetrates.

A key aspect of these recent acts of violence is that in every case the killer expressed acceptance of, or even preference for, being killed by police at the scene as part of the act. In other words, these were not merely murders: they were attempts at murder-suicide.

Any police officer will tell you to treat an armed suicidal person cautiously, because suicide IS a form of homicide, and once someone has made that choice they are apt to take others along. We have seen this in numerous family murder-suicides driven by divorce cases, but also in cases of “suicide by cop.”

These sorts of cases are materially different than murdering someone over gang turf, disposing of an inconvenient spouse or collecting insurance money for a "tragic accident," because the typical murderer expects to gain personally from the crime. That is to say that the murderer has a reason and a desire to live.

Not so in these cases. These are people who, ultimately, want to die.

Most Gen-Xers are old enough to remember an America that meant something. Where they implicitly felt attached to their ancestors like a link in the chain from past to future. In one of our board members case, Mr. John Young, felt a tie to the land where his ancestors had lived for 14 generations, and whose blood had been shed in defense of that land. The very soil held the blood of his ancestors who, in some way, he felt were looking down on him in judgment so that he would work to be worthy of the inheritance they left him.

Many of us -- boomers and GenXers-- are also old enough to remember that “gay” was a rare thing that people joked about but never saw, and may have spent years never laying eyes on someone who was not white. Everyone knew Thomas Jefferson as a hero, though opinions were divided regarding Abraham Lincoln. We could take it for granted that nearly everyone we knew was a Christian, and those few who were not still upheld Christian standards of conduct. Even though there were people we didn’t like or who we didn’t like ourselves, outside of a few criminally inclined individuals we had a broad implicit faith that we were all on the same team – a team that had put man on the moon and had an amazing destiny before it. Nuclear powered rockets had been successfully tested before some of us was born, and we were confident we’d have a base on Mars before we finished elementary school.

GenXers specifically graduated high school having only barely touched on the outer edges of anti-white curriculum. And they looked forward to very realistic prospects of graduating college, marrying a wonderful woman, and having kids while undertaking employment that would be a meaningful part of the great project of America. In other words, they were part of the last generation given the opportunity to grow up normal.

The young men undertaking murder-suicide today didn’t have that. From their first moment in preschool they were given posters and books prominently featuring people of other ethnic groups. Their mothers were busy working because it became impossible to raise kids with just the father working. Their heroes could no longer be white, so they had to idolize Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Toni Morrison. They were not only forced into multiracial groupings, but taught from an early age that they were morally inferior for being born white, that they were being replaced, and that they deserved it.

Overall, their generation has a 1/3rd chance of being raised without a father. Feminism has gotten so out of control that any man who isn’t a top 20% man has rather dismal prospects romantically, and there is no longer any certitude of gainful employment at a wage that will support a family. School curricula are designed to suppress academic performance for boys to such a degree that they are substantially outnumbered by girls in advanced placement classes, and ultimately college as well.

Imports from the third world are squeezing out the bottom end of the European American workforce, and H-1 and L-1 visas are squeezing out the top end. At college they collect $60k in debt for the privilege of having anti-white and anti-male rhetoric spouted at them in literally every class. If such a man manages to get an entry level job, he gets to attend mandatory sexual harassment training where he learns that even looking at someone the “wrong” way can get him fired.

When these young men turn on the TV, they get the impression that fully 1/3rd of the American people are gay, even though it’s closer to a tiny 2%. Every commercial they see will prominently feature race mixing. Any white men who are portrayed in a family setting will be portrayed as dunces who are led by strong and intelligent working women. These young men have come into adulthood at a time when the median income in America is $33,239, but the median price for a car is $37,277 and the median price for a home is $315,780. Fully 35% of young men from 18-34 live with their parents because they can’t afford to do otherwise.

These are young men who have been subjected to cultural force-fisting practically from birth and who, in great numbers, have no discernible future in the country their ancestors built.

If these young white men happen to notice what is happening, such as the fact that European Americans were roughly 90% of the US population in 1960 and are now around 63% of the US population, they are psycho-pathologized as “fragile” or "paranoid." And if they notice this state of affairs is absolutely deliberate, the same people who orchestrate their great replacement will call it a "conspiracy theory" and dismiss such concerns as evidence of dangerous mental illness. Moreover, they cannot turn to the mental health profession for help, because these "professionals" are the very vanguard of the greatest insanity against nature. Even those who call themselves “conservative” voted for Obama, and they see nothing wrong with permanently sexually maiming pre-pubescent children in the name of equality, diversity and tolerance.

Thus there is literally no available help, and no legitimate outlet for the sensible concerns of these young white men within the mainstream that can give them any hope, whether left or right. And if such a young man starts to notice patterns, he will be vilified as evil and morally subhuman. No matter which way he turns, the only solution that will truly satisfy the establishment is for him to go to prison or simply die off..

Unless a young white man is better connected than average, the American dream, for him, is a nightmare. (However, there is also marked evidence that some of these young men remain strong and sensible while resisting these attacks, while quietly maintaining whatever stable lifestyle they see fit. We do not wish to portray all people of European extraction as malleable victims.)

Thus it should come as no surprise that men raised to hate themselves, to hate their history, and deliberately deprived of reasonable prospects are disproportionately committing suicide. Suicide statistics that measure clear direct suicides have DOUBLED for white men in the past 20 years. In fact, suicide rates for white men have gone from being lower than that of other ethnic groups to being double or triple the rate of other ethnic groups, accounting for 70% of all suicides when they are only 28% of the population. Though you’ll occasionally hear someone like Michelle Goldberg celebrating it, mostly you’ll just hear crickets. But it is far worse than that. There are also the indirect suicides – the deaths of despair represented by drug overdoses – that have soared. If you count the increase in these deaths of despair over the past 20 years and add those to the direct suicides, you have a white male suicide rate that has gone up by a staggering 600%.

Still crickets.

The existential misery of far too many white men will not be heard, because allowing these men a voice would contradict the all-important narratives of the powers that be. Every attempt a young white man might make to call attention to his plight is laughed at, labeled a mental illness, or used as an excuse to mistreat him even further. The universities provide countless examples of this.

Compounding this sorry state of affairs is the recent revelation of a phenomena called 'incel,' or involuntary celibacy. This occurs when many young men, for reasons that are as yet not codified, are deemed undesirable by the women in their orbit and are unable to nurture a romantic / sexual relationship. We're sure at one time or another we all have experienced the overpowering frustration of this. We can be sure then that their only outlet is long lonely hours viewing pornography -- as the objectification of women and people in general is saturated into their minds.


While the powers that be would far rather have these white men kill themselves or simply just crawl away in quiet and non-spectacular fashion, there have always been a certain percentage of people with suicidal idealization who will try to make their screams heard. And unfortunately one thing that tends to garner attention is mass murder, especially when the perpetrator is a white man – because these events reinforce the narratives of innate moral inferiority that the establishment will pile on white men of the next generation, and the next, until there are no more white men who would even dare contemplate their racial identity.

These are suicides. Murder-suicides to be sure, but still suicides. These are deaths of despair accompanied by a desperate scream to be heard.

Part of the solution, of course, is not to blame ideology. After all, the media and government have pushed the boiler plate argument thousands of times around the world that Islam is not to blame for those who commit murder-suicide in the name of Islam. And that not all Muslims are bad. The same applies to homosexuality and the tiny percentage of them who sexually assault children. Under this justification, why wouldn’t the same reasoning apply to any other ideology of which the overwhelming preponderance of adherents are law abiding? (Something like Antifa is different because it is an organization rather than an ideology, and it goes to great lengths to commit terrorism and specifically espouses it. Likewise its acts of violence do not typically contain a suicidal element.)

The solution lies instead in understanding that the Utopian ideals pushed by Leftists and Globalists are unnatural and profoundly misunderstand the natural order. They have tried to quantify the elements of human well-being in terms of material goods at best while removing all that is beautiful and noble in the pursuit of a lowest-common-denominator -- "equality." As such, they keep trying to cram round human pegs into tiny square holes, destroying or permanently maiming those humans in the process. The solution lies in understanding what the natural order is, how people can find a place within it, and how they can find meaning organically. It means, in short, reversing a great many leftist/globalist agendas so that a young white man can have pride in his ancestors, have meaningful connections with friends and family, have pride in a job well done, and use that job to provide for a good woman and children while feeling he has a valid place in the world. It’s something that many who came before us, while acknowledging their ancestors, had the ability to at least contemplate as possible, whereas many young white men of today cannot even imagine such a thing.

These murder-suicides are deaths of despair. Obviously, we unequivocally condemn the application of lethal force against unarmed innocent people. Despair is no excuse. Mass murder is a horrible act that can be predicted to only exacerbate the very issues these despairing young men oppose. We are also quite convinced, through electronic and print evidence, that there are leftists and globalists who squeal with delight every time something like this happens, because they see it as an opportunity to advance their agenda even further. Moreover, the term 'hate crime' only seems to go in one direction.

But at the same time, we must be realistic and understand that there is a cause and effect relationship here, and that you cannot remove an undesired effect without removing the causes..

And this is why our peaceful and targeted activism is important. For one thing, it can give people a properly oriented outlet for their advocacy that can let them be part of the solution, and thus replace despair with hope, and emptiness with a purpose. For another, pro-European-American organizations – and there are many – are the only organizations actually working to solve the fundamental problems leading to these horrific events. (Of course, we outtright condemn any violent group operating under the cause of 'saving the white race' by way of accelerationsim.) Finally, sensible organizations are increasingly adopting codes of ethics such as our own that allow people to be judged by their character – and thus escape the massive clown world of victimology Olympics. (Please see our Code of Ethics at the EAU website.)

In the near future, European Americans United will unveil a number of programs designed to assist and uplift those who have long sensed the cultural and political degradation of their people and their individual futures. Therefore, nothing in our programs, opinions or ideology -- past or present -- should be taken out of context in order to justify ANY act of illegality or violence.

In closing, we once again flatly condemn the murder of innocents no matter who they are or the motivation behind it. Let there be no confusion on this matter.

These reprehensible occurrences don't happen in a vacuum, and we also condemn the conditions that are promoting it. And it is our objective to mitigate or end those unhealthy conditions in a peaceful common sense manner.



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