No Mercy Until the Day is Won | Opinion
Posted on: 06/11/2020 06:00 AM

There's a good possibility now that many Whites, who are silently watching and preparing for the worst, are beginning to believe that no amount of tribute, other than mass suicide, would satisfy the demands of their enemies.

by Frank Roman

I’ve been asked privately why I don’t support the protestors or their cause. What cause? Which one?

It’s pretty simple, really. It’s because the protestors have no real idea why they’re out there and the “cause” doesn’t exist, at least not the cause they say it is. As we shall see, it no longer has anything to do with some guy named George Floyd. Of course, the opinion shapers and their swarthy troops have taken it upon themselves to upend nearly every facet of American life because a bad white cop killed a bad negro in broad daylight. A strong measure of their incomprehensible anarchy lies in what they don't know or what they willfully refuse to believe. When they go into convulsions over the perceived mass slaughter of unarmed black men at the hands of police in America, what is ignored or suppressed is that the total number of such cases last year in 2019 was......nine. Nine. In a population of 330 million. Meanwhile in Africanized Chicago no fewer than 23 black males were killed by other blacks males in the space of 24 hours last weekend (6 June - 7 June, 2020).

If black lives truly mattered so much to these people (they don't, just like in Africa), there would have been standing protests and marches in Chicago for years because of all the untimely death and violence that black people endure there at the hands of each other, which has nothing to do with out of control militarized police forces that randomly kill black people. If this were truly the case, there would be reams and reams of statistics to back up that claim. In actuality, the statistics paint a very different picture. (It’s a good thing that data and statistics are emotionless facts while slogans and chants appeal to the inner simple minded beast in humanity, otherwise the protest industry would be in dire trouble.)

It's not hard to understand how the motivation and the outrage of the average affirmative action black or virtue starved white progressive (of both sexes) came about. It's old news but here it is again: it's been a non-stop subject for decades in that they receive their orders from all media outlets and the top brass from The Society of Wokeness we all live in now. They're just following orders. Moreover, like meerkats on meth, they quickly pop up from their basements and look around to determine what everybody else is thinking and then they jump on the bandwagon in order to fit it in, lest they be ostracized for not getting with the program. "Hey, I can't think for myself! Why, that would be racist!" While that doesn’t seem to be an acceptable reason or excuse for anyone else in history, for some reason it’s perfectly acceptable for them; and one day when "pressed" for an answer, their defense will sound an awful lot like what someone on trial 80 years ago in Europe might have said.

So why do I not support the 'protestors?' This isn’t about George Floyd and has nothing to do with justice. It has morphed into an attack on White America. The truth of the matter is that all the stars aligned in the right order and a flashpoint developed, an excuse was born. There are anti American anti white groups in this country that are extremely well funded and have been waiting in the outer darkness for the perfect opportunity to harvest the fruits of the seeds they have planted in the minds of their followers, lo these many decades, following the Second World War. The only justice these miscreants now want is the total subjugation of white America, and by God it looks like they're going to get it.

George Floyd didn’t deserve what happened to him, but his life trajectory made it almost inevitable. But, that anecdotal accident has been repackaged into a social movement that passes muster as long as you don’t start prying up the edges with facts. Indeed, the left loves black people like Floyd and his supporters in BLM, but it’s not because they feel sorry for them because of the treatment they’ve received over the years, and it’s not because they feel some sort of need to right the injustices that the black race has endured. The left loves black people because they can depend on their low impulse control and limited cognitive ability. In fact as soon as the George Floyd incident began to resonate, the leftist machine went into action, filling busses with well paid professional protestors and agitators, pre-placing pallets of bricks and supplies in strategic areas, and cultivating mob mentality --in the media and on the street-- into an easily directed force that began aiming at private businesses and the police. (To be fair, I have to pity the black shop keepers I've seen in videos who wail in despair because their businesses were ransacked by their own kind in the name of justice. And for the record, European Americans United unambiguously condemns the horrifying treatment some whites visited on black Americans in the last century.)

The left has conditioned blacks throughout history to depend on social assistance programs; supporting political movements that dole out other peoples money. They have replaced the iron chains around their necks with invisible ones made of dollar signs and cries of eternal victimhood, thus ensuring a roadblock to peaceful separation between them and us. These hateful Marxists have been working on the Hispanic community like this as well, but they haven’t quite had enough time to completely undermine Hispanic culture to seed their minds with the correct level of control, but their success is all but assured.

Most of the time I hold no ill will against anyone out there protesting for a cause they believe in. That is our right and is one of the things that sets European America apart. On a low note however, unsurprisingly, I do hold ill will against the communists, socialists, race pimps, and hustlers on the left that are using the passion and gullibility of our people as a weapon and a method of control. On an even lower and infuriating note, their current programing (coupled with prepatory brainwashing decades before as noted earlier) has created a segment of white people who are now engaged in an eternal war of fratricide against their own kind--Western civilization--in order to atone for a nebulous guilt induced by nothing more than psychological warfare. A sterling example of this would be to point out the precipitous demographic drop of European based people hood around the world due to immigration and low birthrates, to which you would receive either a blank stare, a snicker, or a triumphant "Good! What are you, a Nazi?" And truth be told, once their non-white non-Western utopia was achieved, do you honestly think their black and brown masters are going to let them slide for very long once their usefulness is ended?

The myth of “White supremacy” is alive and well and being kept on life support by the left as one of their control methods, a regurgitated demon found only in fever dreams. What our enemies call white supremacy is nothing more than the desire of European Americans to retain the demographic and cultural hegemony of their own nation, and has nothing to do with superiority or inferiority. Truly, it is a maddening mess that all of us have been dragged into less than two weeks ago, but the true battle here, the REAL and unambiguous battle, is between white civilization and anarchy....white order and disorder.....white lawfulness versus lawlessness, which are the civilizational planks that have served our imperfect people for hundreds of years. Our eternal enemies have managed to reconcile contradictions in order for that power to be retained indefinitely. It’s an ideological battle for control that’s been turned upside down and sown with confusion for the sake of appeasement that will never happen. It's becoming much clearer now the more European Americans sacrifice, the more non-Whites demand. There's a good possibility now that many Whites, who are silently watching and preparing for the worst, are beginning to believe that no amount of tribute, other than mass suicide, would satisfy the demands of non-whites and their Marxist string pullers .

No, this is not about the death of street criminal George Floyd. Not anymore. Across the country during these riots the vast majority of casualties have been white people specifically targeted for grievous bodily harm and death. Moreover, as we speak dozens of statues that reflect white American history are being torn down by braying swarthy mobs. The Confederate flag has been banned from NASCAR. Seven city blocks in Seattle, Oregon, which includes a now abandoned police station, has been been taken over by BLM, Antifa, and their virtue starved white acolytes. In order to sell more sneakers and FUBU-like gear, corporation after corporation have signaled their supplication to Africa's children and their ostensible fake outrage for the death of a dime a dozen street criminal, ignoring that the entire farce transitioned from sympathy to outright revolution. BLM is issuing demands that white Americans give up their possessions and hand them over to black and brown folks. Gone With the Wind is now banished from television. Republicans and Democrats alike have gone into radio silence, refusing to speak against this madness for fear of bad election results and the loss of lobbyist money. Now the interwebs are literally flooded with screed after screed depicting the alleged horror of being black in America in 2020. Even institutions like the postal service and public libraries have been trashed because of white supremacy, or something. As the days and weeks go by, we'll be seeing more and more developments in the same twisted vein. Watch.

George Floyd, who was the recipient of a royal burial, is now an afterthought.

These are interesting, dangerous times to be living in to be sure.

Oh, for those that have gotten down this far trying to figure out why I included the picture above; it’s just a couple of Knoxville kids named Chris and Channon that suffered a much worse fate than George Floyd at the hands of folks much, much worse than the police officers currently in question.....but of course, if you start asking too many questions about it, you’re going to be labeled a filthy racist Nazi like everyone that protested about it when the story was played down by the media.

At some point, white Americans are going to have to get tired of being cornered in a political chess game and finally have enough. If (and when) that happens I can't say, nor can I say what that’s going to look like. Maybe it will take the general election in November. If you think things are bad now, can you imagine what it would be like if Donald Trump wins another four years? I think I can. In times like these, my advice to you is to never believe anything you’re told and only half of what you see. Do your own independent research from multiple sources and don’t succumb to the media mobs brainwashing and follow the herd that so clearly wants to kill you.

Pity not those that oppose you out of their own ignorance, and show no mercy until the day is won.

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