New Raspberry Pi Image
Posted on: 07/23/2013 03:13 AM

by John Young

Our developers have done it again! Not satisfied with a custom Linux image for the X86 platform, they have created a new image for the Raspberry Pi.

The new image is intended for C Developers and people learning C. It includes textbooks for C programming, C library references, several top-notch Integrated Development Environments, version control systems, and all the C libraries needed to take full advantage of the Raspberry Pi's I/O capabilities.

Though the Raspberry Pi was really intended as a Python development platform, because it isn't very powerful, many programmers find themselves turning to C to maximize performance. This image is for C developers.

The image is available FOR FREE through our web store. Though you go through a checkout process requiring an account, you won't be charged a dime now or ever for our Open Source products.

This image is LARGE once uncompressed, so we recommend at least a 4GB SD card, but an 8GB SD card would be even better.

To get this great image based on an updated Raspbian Wheezy distro (so all the stuff you'll find on the Internet works), just go here.

The Raspberry Pi is great for home automation. I use mine to monitor my well, keep my pipes from freezing in the winter and more. It's a wonderful tool too long in coming!

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