My People First!
Posted on: 08/24/2018 02:03 PM

by Liv Heide

For the past several years, I lived in Paris. Before cracking a few months ago and going ‘white flight,' I noticed a strange, new behavior of mine that went completely in the opposite direction from how I had behaved for decades prior.

The more diversity sneaked into our expensive, chic quartier next to the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysées and into Paris in general, the less I felt drawn towards people of non-European ancestry. The more delivery men, bus drivers, vendors in supermarkets and big companies became non-white, the more, consciously or subconsciously I limited my conversation and interaction with them. Not that they were particularly looking for my company either, actually the opposite had mostly been the case.

With the exception of some non-white men showing romantic interest in me over the years, it had always been me who made the effort of starting a conversation with non-whites who studied at university, or worked in shops, airports or as taxi drivers, etc. But starting a few months ago, and as a complete novelty, I allowed some thoughts that I had repressed for years to re-surface. For instance, acknowledging the reoccurring impoliteness of certain non-white women who treated me with an aloof attitude, when they were not giving me outright hostile looks and treatment.

I also remember in 2015, standing in the public train (RER) in the midst of a wagon load of muscular Sub-Saharan men as one of the few left-over Europeans, and once again as the only Nordic person, I thought: "This is not a normal development, this is orchestrated. This is war against us whites and the Western European governments are pushing it."

Since then I have limited my interactions with non-whites to the absolute minimum even including the Asian-American acquaintances I have had for years. I guess I had an overdose of diversity, and my psychological immune system desperately tried to preserve my European identity that was about to collapse.

In parallel, I continued with my web agency to work with Indians who live in India and still enjoyed every minute of our work together. These are smart, hard working people, with adorable personalities. Once in a while we would end up chatting about personal stuff for hours, obviously paid hours but I did not care and they did not bill me everything. Even up until today, I enjoy working with them and wish them to find all the happiness in the world. I hope they will build their families, improve their living conditions as much as they can, and make India as great as possible.

Nevertheless I told one of my webmasters, that I would have never hired him if he had lived in Europe. He said he would not want to live in Delhi filled with millions of Africans and Chinese either, or give them jobs to ease their way. India for the Indians!

Maybe it is due to this refreshing input from my Indo-Germanic friends that I now openly state that I practice radical in-group preference towards whites. If a non-white in a white country asks me for directions I will guide him, and if he falls from a bike I will help him up. If he gets robbed, I will call the police for him. But under any circumstances, I will continue such interactions no further than necessary. My whole focus is now towards my own people. We need each other more than ever, and we all have lots of discoveries and catching up to do regarding European identity, self-love and loyalty.

Ultimately, I have done what all the non-whites have naturally done all along: I have chosen My People First!

Liv Heide is the founder of WhiteDate.NET, inviting descendants of Europeans worldwide to find a traditionally minded partner online. Singles as well as couples can join the group and forum sections of the website.

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