Major Issues of Importance: Subject Number One
Posted on: 07/09/2019 01:45 AM

by Doug Eiderzen

We must never forsake or abandon the spirit and it is surely acceptable to hope and pray for guidance. Our leaders must address our disciplines of life.

The white/European American/European self-esteem must translate into utilized purpose and applied camaraderie. This is imperative. We cannot continue as we are. In this discussion, I will talk about one major issue, of several major issues which will be forthcoming. I do believe that the main issues eventually addressed need to come into reality and take place as quickly as possible.

In this and upcoming discussions, I will visit about each issue or subject which I believe needs to be put into place to mentally bring together and physically incorporate the white/European American/European within himself or herself. In other words, bring the white/European American/European enthusiastically unto the white/European American/European. We need to bring ourselves into our own fold. To do this requires some issues to become reality; these issues must proceed into being and, again, these issues need to take place as quickly as possible.

We have talked about our disciplines of life (our history, our philosophy, and, for some, our cultural religion) which, with all things being taken into account, should give us our motivation and our reasoning and our desire for a continued existence (to be exact, a continued quality existence to begin, and then to continue into the future).

Concerning the white/European American/European, we have talked about Euro-Americaneuropeanism which simply accomplishes that which needs to be accomplished in tune with our disciplines of life. During this discussion, I will be noting past onsite discussions for reference.

Consequently, let us briefly revisit the concept of Hollywood, the mainstream news media, and the universities. We, as whites/European Americans/Europeans, must realize that these entities do not fall into the realm of being our friends; these entities have been against us for many years. The media twists and manipulates the news to fit their leftist Marxist progressive political agenda. The media moves to influence opinion and voting attitudes, through a socialist slant of reporting events, covering only those who are pushing for a socialist America. The same can be said of the Hollywood crowd and the university bunch. As to the news media, the idea of, `We report the facts and the people decide` has ceased to exist in this country. It could very well be argued that such a mainstream news media attitude of just reporting happenings without implementing any liberal progressive Marxist spins has not existed in this country for many, many years. We now constantly receive anti-white/anti-European American/anti-European propaganda in all forms.

As the years have come and gone, the white/European American/European people have been sold a bill of goods and the manifest does not bode well for us. The future for our children and our grandchildren is looking outstandingly ominous.

So, what is the first subject of these major issues of necessity which must occur for the white/European American/European to come into a working relationship of reality within himself or herself (i.e., the knowing of the cultural self)?

Subject Number One: Our white/European American leaders need to establish themselves and begin to lead. Our leaders need to come together and give us direction. I firmly believe our disciplines of life must forthwith motivate our leaders to come together and give guidance. The reality toward our cultural continuation of existence states that our leaders must lead (One should reread and reference Discussion Number 16 and Discussion Number 17). Our survival and continued existence will depend on intestinal fortitude (guts). We should look closely, within the nature of analytical and critical thinking, toward our history for continued guidance. We should apply our philosophical values toward the inherent and intrinsic cultural pride which rests within us. We must never forsake or abandon the spirit and it is surely acceptable to hope and pray for guidance. Our leaders must address our disciplines of life.

The great majority of our future leaders will come from the lower classes and middle classes. Such will be the salt of the earth. These people may not necessarily be influential or privileged but they will know how to win and what it takes to win and what is demanded of body and soul to win, and, most important, they will have the burning desire to win. This will establish our ongoing quality in leadership. Our future leaders must be primed and developed and prepared and put in position by our leaders of today. Thus, it is imperative that our leaders of today show themselves to not only lead, but train our future leaders. Our people will want to be alive in the glory of victory within our disciplines of life. We (whites/European Americans/Europeans) are all gifted in some form or fashion (e.g., compare the accomplishments of the white race to those of other races). We simply have to tap into that gifted element, within each individual for the cause, and move it toward our future existence. This is where our disciplines of life must come into play to shape us. For us, there is the innate characteristic of self-control and of self-discipline not found in other races, who cry out for instant gratification. The quality of control and the quality of discipline must be awakened. The cultivating of discipline to comradeship (camaraderie) is paramount and this comradeship, too, is innate within us. I truly do not believe a person is able to motivate another person. However, we can create an environment where the person intrinsically self-motivates himself or herself. Once more, this great created environment or ambiance of honor to loyalty must be based upon our disciplines of life: Such must be the right motivation for the right environment created for the right implementation for our ethnic and cultural existence to continue. Our leaders must begin to lead.

We must identify our people and we must educate our people to let their cultural self-respect develop into the intensity of pride to honor and honor to loyalty. We must have ethnic guidance and cultural direction given from our racial leaders. Preparation must be provided.

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