Ladies, Here is Why Women Should Choose Trad Life
Posted on: 04/04/2018 07:19 PM

by WhiteDate Admin

Whilst others still strive for acknowledgement within the corporate slave world, these women already know that in our future white world the number of their children as well as other contributions to our white cause will measure men’s and women’s success.

When did education, media and politics explain to you that motherhood is one of the most important things in our society as it is the premise to the survival of our people? Exactly, never!

Nor have we heard at school, like our grandmothers still did: That a family needs to bring up 3 children to maintain (!) our demography or that long lasting relationships and strong families are the foundation of healthy societies.

Looking back, in the 50s education starting to teach boys and girls exactly the same things obviously did not prepare boys for homemaking and motherhood but prepared girls to become a good worker for a company, obedient to a boss and a hierarchy, to basically become their own provider; the job that used to be for men thus taking away men’s core mission in society.

Women have been fooled

Our education system concentrates entirely on developing women’s masculine side without even mentioning that cooking, shopping, gardening, decorating a home, managing domestic finances and last but certainly not least parenthood (!) etc. are activities that are crucial for the functioning and continuation of Western societies. These activities also require a whole set of skills neither men nor women have been officially prepared for since boomer times. Often women wake up soon after entering the work force and realize that coming home they need to start their second job that used to be their ONLY job. How could so many women (me included until some time ago) be fooled into believing that working double shift has anything to do with freedom?

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