John Young is a Guest on Brainstorm #1
Posted on: 11/12/2018 03:33 PM

by John Young

I have previously reviewed an album published by the White Art Collective.

White Art Collective is an ambitious undertaking to bring all forms of healthy art, including without limitation painting, music and video, to our folk. It allows such creators to be paid for their work while giving us alternatives to the degeneracy and anti-white propaganda present in the dominant art forms pushed at us.

A couple of weeks ago, I published an article describing simple, risk-free steps everyone can take to de-fund and dis-empower the forces of hate that plot our extinction. Jeff Winston, the driving force behind the White Art Collective, thought it would be a great subject for discussion, and invited me to appear on the inaugural edition of his podcast Brainstorm.

I work with Jeff on another project as well, and hold him in high regard as an intelligent and perceptive man, artist and exponent of our cause. So I was thrilled and honored to appear!

For a link to the audio and video, which I think you'll enjoy, click below!

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